Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

1926-1927 Rockdale TX Lair yearbook
The Lair
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The Students of Rockdale High School
Rockdale, Texas
1926-1927 Rockdale TX Lair yearbook Order of Books
Order of Books
I.   The  School
II.  Organizations
III. Features
IV.   Athletics
V.     Literary
VI.    Patrons
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J. C. Wilkerson, Superintendent, Rockdale, TX 1926-1927
To our beloved Superintendent, who has made our annual possible and who stands for better and higher ideals in school life, being a "good fellow", participating in all activities , and under all circumstances endeavoring to be just, we affectionately this, the first volume of the Lair
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1926-1927 Rockdale TX Lair yearbook Foreword
Superintendent J. C. Wilkerson
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We, the Staff of '27, know that there are many mistakes which are to be corrected in the future years, but we trust that they will be overlooked in this volume of the Lair.  Our aim is to record scenes and incidents on the campus, which are so dear to the hearts of ol' Rockdale students.  If in later years, you, the Reader, can turn these pages and be stirred by the familiar scenes and faces, we will feel that our purpose has been accomplished.
1926-1927 Rockdale TX Lair yearbook The School
The School
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Rockdale TX High School 1926-1927
1926-1927 Rockdale TX School Board of Trustees
E. B. Phillips, Pres.
Ed Gunn, VP
C. M. Session, Sec.
J. E. Cooke
R. E. Roberts
L. A. Baxter
R. D. Barnes
Rockdale Board of Trustees
Rockdale High School
J. C. Wilkerson, Superintendent, Rockdale, TX 1926-1927
                                                                   To the Students of '26 and '27
The "Lair", the first annual ever issued by the students of Rockdale High School, is both a picture and story of our school life of '26-'27, and to some extent a history of the school's past. 
Those who turn through these pages twenty-five or thirty years hence, may find many things that seem strange and perhaps even crude, but to the present student body, the book will always be a pleasant reminder of a happy and useful school year spent within the walls of our splendid high school building.
The Board of Education and citizens of Rockdale have provided well for the education of the children of this town and surrounding community.  The pupils, themselves, are, I feel, above the average in scholarship, in conduct and above all in friendly relation and good fellowship which they hold for the teachers.  It is an inspiration as well as a benediction and an opportunity to be superintendent of such a school.
                                                                                                     J. C. Wilkerson, Superintendent
J. C. Wilkerson
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Rockdale Primary School, Rockdale TX 1927
Above is the picture of our splendid primary school.  It is modern in every respect and has all kinds of equipment for beginners.  There are four class rooms, a spacious hall, and a book room.  Here the children of the first three grades are taught.  It is quite an advantage to have these little people in a separate building from the influences of the older children.
Here some of the best work in the entire system is done.  Mrs. Jim Lanning, familiarly known as Miss Fredonia, is  principal and has charge of the second grade.  The other teachers are Miss Gladys Brannon, who teaches the beginners; Miss Lelia Brightman, who has charge of the third grade; and Miss Ophelia Estell, who teaches part of the high third and the low fourth.
Some days the little people in this building will be Rockdale High School students and we predict that you will hear good reports from them. 
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Rockdale Fair Park - 1927 Lair - Rockdale TX
Scenes from the Fair Park, in which is located the famous gridiron of the Rockdale High School Tigers.  Here on last Armistice Day thousands of people from all parts of Milam County gathered to witness the annual grudge battle between the Tigers and the Yoemen from Cameron.
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1927 Rockdale High School Faculty, Rockdale Texas
W. R. Lawrence
Science & Math
Miss Irene Knopp
B.A. Baylor College
Language & History
T. V. Montgomery
John Tarleton
Principal & Coach
Science & Math
Miss Mary E. Noble
Texas University
Social Science
Mrs. Georgia Gillespie
B.A. Oklahoma Univ.
Miss Brownie Stribling
Sam Houston
Seventh Grade
Mrs. T. V. Montgomery
John Tarleton
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1927 Rockdale Primary School Faculty, Rockdale Texas
Mrs. W. C. Marrs
H. Sixth & L. Seventh
Mrs. Fred Bethea
San Marcos
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Ray Gore
Sixth Grade
Miss Louise Hale
Texas University
Fourth Grade
Miss Lella Brightman
Texas University
Second Grade
Mrs. James Lanning
Sam Houston
Principal of Ward School
Second Grade
Miss Gladys Brannon
Howard Payne
First Grade
Miss Ophella Estell
Third Grade
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                       An Appreciation
To Mrs. T. V. Montgomery who in her loving unselfishness has devoted her time and care to the publishing of the "Lair".  She has entered into all student activities whole-heartedly and through her earnest endeavor has benefitted, not only the students, but the development of school spirit.  The greater part of the work on the "Lair" has been accomplished by her skillful and ready hands.  Always Mrs. Monty has had the interest of the annual at heart and has graciously agreed to aid in carrying out the ideals of the Staff.  Her clear sighted wise voice of judgment has influenced a great many students toward the right and happy way of life.
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                         Staff's Alibi
When the printer blows the whistle
For the "Lair's" work to stop,
Deal justly with the Staff, folks,
If 'tis perfect or 'tis not.

Tho' we know that our poor judgement
Has imprinted errors sad,
We have left work with a fond hope
That the good out-weighs the bad.

What abilities and good ideas
Might have been within our view,
Takes the money to put them before us
So all our dreams cannot come true.

If in future days which are inevitable
These pages show how happy hours have stayed,
And bring back pleasant mem'ries forgotten,
Our labor then shall have been repaid.
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