Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

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                 Class of '27

Martin Blackburn.........President
George V. Perry............Treasurer
Wilma Hillyer................Secretary
Myrtle Offield..............Reporter

Motto: " 'Tis evening yet dawn"

Colors:  Pink and Lavender
Flower: Pink Rosebuds
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          Martin Blackburn
Pres. Of Aths, '27; Football '26;
Jr. Play '26, "Arizona Cowboy" '27; "Lair" Staff; "Tiger Tales" Staff; Pres. of Senior Class; Giddings Trip; Glee Club' I.P.T.
"The Sheik of the Seniors" is the title deserved by Martin in spite of the fact taht he is one of our best athletes and all-round boys.
1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Wilma Hillyer, Myrtle Offield, Martin Blackburn, George Perry
               George Perry
Ath.; Football '26; "Arizona Cowboy" '27;  Giddings Trip "flunky"; "Tiger Tales" Staff; Bus. Man. "Lair" Staff; Treas. Senior Class; Glee Club; I.P.T.
So far in life George has had only two serious thoughts - football and his numerous love affairs
                   Wilma Hillyer
Philo.; Spanish Club; Pres of Jr. Class; Sec. Of Senior Class; Pep Leader; Editor of "Tiger Tales"; Editor of "Lair"; Jr. Play '26; Giddings Trip; Glee Club; Tennis '27.
A-A-A--Sure, those are her grades.  Wilma is the master mind of the class and we depend on her for every responsible undertaking
             Myrtle Offield
Philo; "Tiger Tales" Staff, Glee Club, Spanish Club.
A friendly, clever girl who is much given to strong opinions and if she once decides she is right --well, Hercules himself couln not move her.
Wilma Hillyer:  "I hear Boyd Worley is getting thrifty and saving up for a rainy day."
Myrtle Offield: "A 'wet' night, most likely."
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Edythe Currey, Anna Marie Barnes,  Calvin Scott, Aaron Green
                     Edythe Currey
Sec, of Philos '27; "Arizona Cowboy" '27; Capt. Of Basketball '26; Basketball '27, High School Beauty '27.
Since becoming the High School Beauty Edythe does not believe so strongly in the concentration of love affairs.
                    Anna Marie Barnes
Pres. of Philos. '27; Jr. Reporter; Play '26; "Arizona Cowboy" '27; Giddings Trip; Glee CLub .
Not only beauty but determination was conceded her by the gods; if in doubt, just start her talking.
                  Calvin Scott
Football '25, '26; Basketball '26, '27;Baseball '26; Ath.; "Arizona Cowboy" '27; I. P. T.
Everybody loves a tall man, but anyway, who could help loving such a good-natured fellow as Scott.
                     Aaron Green
Ath,; "Arizona Cowboy" '27; Baseball '26;  Basketball '26, '27; Football '26; Glee Club; I.P.T.
Babe is a quiet reserved fellow, a friend to all but 'still waters run deep', you know.
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Dorothea Lee, Anita Vogel, J. P. Sparks, Thomas Crump
                    Dorothea Lee
Ath,; Jr. Play; "Arizona Cowboy"; "Lair Staff; Giddings Trip; Glee Club.
A member of the vampish three--and in spite of her many heavy crushes, she manages to make the Honor Roll.
                 Anita Vogel
Ath.; Spanish Club; Glee Club.
Her clear eyes gaze steadfastly enhancing the beauty of her winning smile.
                 J. P. Sparks
Philo.; Football '25, '26; I. P. T.; Jr. Play; Giddings Trip; Debater '2, '27; "Lair" Staff.
Spuds is no exception to the rule that all fat men are jolly, but we won't say another word for fear he would argue us out of it.
             Thomas Crump
Jr. Play; Track '26, '27; Football '25, '26; Giddings Trip; Debater '27; Spanish Club; Glee Club.
Nothing ever excites T., he just  ambles along making friends of everyone.
Lois Ferguson: "Do you think Wendell could maintain a wife?"
Thomas: "Why, he can't even maintain a conversation!"
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J.P. is so dumb that he thinks you have to work in a post-office before you belong to a male-quartet.
1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Elizabeth Underwood, Ruth Hamilton, Mel Summers, Lawrence Keen
             Elizabeth Underwood
She was pierced by cupid's dart, and won her "Mrs." degree before receiving her diplome from R.H.S.
             Ruth Hamilton
Philo.; Spanish Club
A girl with lots of fun and good judgment about her is a girl to be envied
                      Mel Summers
Philo,; Football '26; Tennis '26, '27; Track '26, '27; Jr. Play; Glee Club; "Arizona Cowboy" '27;  Giddings Trip
Science arguments are his Jonah, but who cares about science when he is so wicked he carries burned matches?
                    Lawrence Keen
Philo.; Track '26, '27; Basketball '27; Glee Club.
What thou art we know not, but often success lies in silence.
George P: "It's sure going to be hard to leave dear old R.H.S.."
Martin: "Hard! Almost impossible!"
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Raye Currey, Glenna Spiegel, Wilmer Rinn, Virginia Thweatt
                   Raye Currey
Treas. Of Philos; Basketball '26, Capt. Of Basketball '27.
A careful student--careful not to over-do; Raye just looks wise and fools the faculty.
              Glenna Spiegel
Ath.; Debater '26, '27
She has dark eyes; beware! beware!
She is bewitching; take care; take care!
              Wilmer Rinn
Football '26; Basketball '27; Track '27; Ath.; "arizona Cowboy" '27; I.P.T.
You never can convince any Senior that Wilmer is anthing but "the biggest liar since '89."
             Virginia Thweatt
Ath.; Spanish Club; Glee Club
Frank, friendly and full of fun and according to her teachers she is bound to land in politics.
Ruth Kirk: "I think L.C. talks so sensible."
Virginia Thweatt: "What does he talk about?"
Ruth: "Me."
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Orene Anderson, Evangeline Bevers, Clyde Griffin, Barney Watson
                Orene Anderson
Basketball '27; Glee Club; Ath.
She's a good sport, level-headed and a good reasoner.
          Evangeline Bevers
Ath.; Spanish Club '27.
Seh likes solid geometry and her dog, but can't she tell a joke?
                Clyde Griffin
A quiet, friendly fellow for whom the future holds untold blessings.
          Barney Watson
Ath.; Glee Club; Track '27; Basketball '27
He says little but every act shows courage and strength of character.
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Lillian Wallis, Lucille Landis, Ellie Mae Lynch, Bertie Smith
                   Lillian Wallis
Ath.; Jr. Play, Giddings Trip, Spanish Club
Cares to her shall be as light as bubbles in the air, so long as she has her vanity and her lipstick.
Calvin Scott: "Have you a date for tonight?"
Myrtle Offield: (hopefully): "No, I am not doing a thing."
Calvin: "Fine!  I have a good book for you to read."
              Lucille Landis
Sec. Of Aths.; Jr Play; "Arizona Cowboy" '27; Glee Club; Giddings Trip;
Debater '27
If gab can get one anywhere. she'll never be guilty of paying fare.
                   Ellie Mae Lynch
An earnest student who knows only the first letter of the alphabet when it comes to grades.
            Bertie Smith
I must be dignified for the whole Senior Class - a model of propriety.
Ellie Mae Lynch is such a modest girl that she won't do improper-fractions.
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Eula Stiles, Gladys Simmons, Ruth Kirk, Kirby Simmons, Lois Fergeson
                Eula Stiles
Ath.; Spanish Club; Glee Club
"Gentlemen prefer blondes," and Eula does not prove an exception
              Gladys Simmons
Ath.; "Arizona Cowboy" '27; Glee Club
Despite Gladys' serious contenance she has a merry smile which lends attractiveness to her many curls.
                       Ruth Kirk
Philo.; Pres. of Spanish Club; "Lair" Staff; "Tiger Tales" Staff; Glee Club; Tennis '27
Here's another A-A-A student, one whose warm-hearted generosity shines forth even in her hair.
                 Kirby Simmons
Philo.; Football '26; Basketball '27; "Lair Staff"; Jr. Play; "Arizona Cowboy"; I.P.T.; Debater '27; Track '27
              Lois Fergeson
Ath.; Spanish Club; Glee Club.
One of our class beauties who makes good in her studies and admires underclassmen.
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                                                                                Class History
Eleven years ago the present Seniors entered upon their school career - the first few years were spent in the "little school building", but since then a new building has been the center of activities.  Our class has striven for two things, first to uphold our former honor, and second to set a new pace for the coming classes.  Time alone will be the judge as to whether or not we have succeeded in upholding our ideal, but we at least have this consolation that we have tried to the utmost of our ability.
Now, we have only one regret, and that is we are soon to leave the portals of R.H.S.  Most of us feel that it would be sarcasm if we were to say that we wish we had studied more diligently.
We trust that the seniors of '27 will meet the battles of Life in the same steadfast, and serious manner as they have in overcoming their school problems.
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                  Class Poem
            Looking Backward

As we leave the old halls of high school
There's something we must leave behind,
Then there's something that ever clings to us
And grows fonder with passing of time.

Our best wishes will be here forever
For our teachers with patience untold,
And the classes that follow our footsteps,
May their efforts reward them tenfold.

With us we'll keep the memory
Of the pleasures we did enjoy,
And the feeling of being proud Seniors,
And of finishing high school, Oh Boy!

We'll remember our teachers by classes;
Our Latin was taught by a man
Who bossed the whole school, but yet
He never gave real hard exams.

Now Physics was sort of a Jonah
But nobody failed just the same,
For our "Lab" and some of our classes
Were used for re-playing some game.

Such fun we had in "Solid" and "Trig";
Mr. Laurence gave us Math;
Miss Knopp just rattled off Spanish,
We listened but all could not quaff.

Miss Noble and Mrs. Gillespie
Taught History and English with zest;
We learned of the Romans and Germans,
Of Plato and Edgar A. Guest.

Our study periods always were lovely,
With never a thing to do
But look at the funny papers.
And keep plenty of gum to chew.

And listen to George 'bout the annual,
J.P. And Lucille fuss and fight;
To keep Martin seated and busy,
Would not have been treating him right.

But all in all, when it's over,
And the time is when we must part,
Tho' the finish is great, this old high school
Will forever have room in our hearts.
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