Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School - Opal Taylor, Edna Kirk, Newton Daniels, Louis Rinn
1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School - Junior Class
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Opal Taylor - Secretary-Treasurer
Newton Daniels - President
Edna Kirk - Reporter
Louis Rinn - Vice-President

Motto: "B2"
Colors: Purple and White
Flower: Sweet Pea
Opal Taylor
Edna Kirk
Newton Daniels
Louis Rinn
Boyd Worley, Alfred Bailey, Bernadine Childs, Irene Phillips, Raiford Foster, Angeline Ferguson, Terry Moses, Annie Mae Sheckles, Jennie Bell Cone, Lloyd Dyer, Willie Mae Clamptett, Newton Daniels, Jack Williams,
Lois Clark, Opal Taylor, Cora Langston, Lois Dyer, Mrs. Gillespie, Herbert Lightfoot, L. C. Franklin, Louis Rinn, Ara Fye Edmundson, Rugh Raley, Edna Kirk, Faye Linder, Raye Vinton, Perrl Harriss, Willard Clymore
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                                                       Class History
In '25 when we entered the vast field of knowledge, known as high school, we were only 'fish' with 26 members.  Our first year was very successful.  We boasted of two honor students, Edna Kirk and Cora Langston.
In Septembe of '26 we were again ready to enter the portals of this school as Sophomores with 14 originals and 16 additionals.  That year we were again successful in reaping our rewards as Cora Langston, Edna Kirk and Terry Moses were honor students.
This year many new students have added to the laurels of the class.  The Juniors were well represented in all branches of athletics.
We are determined to be the liveliest and most energetic Senior Class graduated by R.H.S.

New. D.: "It took me almost 2 years to learn to play football."
Mr. Monty: "And what did you get for your pains?"
Newt: "Sloan's Liniment."

Mrs. G.: "I just can't stop coughing.  I must have a straw caught in my throat."
Herbert L.: "Straw nothing!  You've got lint on your lungs from chewing the rag so much."
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School - Mignon Graves, Leroy Hillyer, Lois Gunn, Florine Smith
1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School - Sophomore Class
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Mignon Graves - Secretary-Treasurer
Leroy Hillyer - President
Lois Gunn - Reporter
Florine Smith - Vice-President

Motto: "before us lies the timber, let us build."
Colors: Gold and White
Flower: Shasta Daisy
Mayes Sparks, Allegra Yoakum, Mary Alice Gohman, Paris Murray, Mervyn Offield,
Margaret Lengert, Willie Brown, Rodney Montague, Katherine Alexander, Bob Ryan, Wendell Dyer, Mignon Smith, Don Luckey, Leo Cone, Janie Ruth Sikes, Sumner Foster, Ruby Lee Raley,
Mr. Reid Laurence, Clifton Wade, Nona Smith, Edith Porter, Katherine Green, Mary Frances Thweatt, Cleone Sikes, Alice Keen, Billie Orr, Ardis Clare, Charles Newton, Elizabeth Ryan, Florine Smith, Lillie Mae Dean, Marion Bodiford, Mignon Graves, Della Stein, Esther Lynch, Miss Mary Noble, Willie Mae McLeod, Mildred Dunham, Lois Gunn, Dixie Barnes, Johnnie Richards, Leroy Hillyer,
Erma Doss, Maud Aldridge
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                                                                Class History
The biggest class that ever entered Rockdale High School is the class of 1929. It is not only the largest but also, according to all the authorities, the most brilliant.
During the year 1925-26, we had as sponsors, Misses Lois Glass and Pearl Fletcher. This year our overseers are Mr. Wendell Reid Laurence and Miss Mary Elizabeth Noble. Thru their untiring efforts our class has so developed that it is doubtful whether or not another such class will ever be entered in R. H. S.
Our class has well been represented in athletic contests. In football we furnished the gridiron John Richards, Charles Thomas Newton, Wells Allen, Marion Bodiford and Emory Pickens. The sophs on our championship basketball team were Mary Alice Gohman, Maud Aldridge, Erma Doss, Ruby Raley and Louise Martin.
We were not only strong in athletics but also in the literary events, Lois Gunn and Kate Alexander representing us in Junior spelling with Mary Thweatt in declamation. Among our class are several noted singers, members of the High School Glee Club, Lois Gunn, Sue Davis Allen, Edith Porter, Cleone Sikes, Charles Newton, Mignon Graves, and Mildred Dunham. On the Tiger Tales Staff is L. Gunn and on the annual staff, M. Graves. On the Honor Roll we see the familiar names of Don Carter Luckey, Lois Imogene Gunn, Margaret Lengert, Mary Alice Gohman and Mignon Graves.
We aren't only smart in studies but also we have our part of the fun. Harry Wayne Phillips wrecked some of the members of the soph class at the foot of Lover's Hill, on our first picnic, but we recovered and have enjoyed two more.
As the years roll by, we hope to progress in knowledge and to fill well our stations in life, also to retain our good reputation that we've always had.
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School
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1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School  Lowene Lewis, Avis Williams, Elizabeth Pickens, Fred Graves
1927 Rockdale, Texas  High School Freshman Class
Lowene Lewis
Avis Williams
Elizabeth Pickens
Fred Graves
Lowene Lewis - Secretary-Treasurer
Elizabeth Pickens - President
Avis Williams - Reporter
Fred Graves - Vice-President

Motto: "Perpetual effort is the price of gain."
Colors: Blue and White
Flower: Blue Bonnet
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Carrol Hardie, Blanche Underwood, Lennel Walker, Anna Laurie Hutson, Jessie Lee Bankston, Zella Winslett, Buford Dobbs, Elzie Middleton, Warren Bunting, Edna Atchinson, Shelby Smith, Harry Wayne Phillips, Jessie Mae Linder, Winnie Childs, Alma Scarbrough, Avis Williams, Jewel Peterson, Fred H. Graves, Jimmie Talley, Miss Knopp, Vera Posey, Elizabeth Pickens, Iris Fleming, Louine Lewis, Eunice Sweaks
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                                                            Class History
The Freshman class of R. H. S. began their new work with a determination to accomplish great things so that they would not have to be Fish very long. We were delighted when Miss Irene Knopp was assigned to us as room teacher.
Our class was organized during the first few weeks of school. The following officers were elected: Elizabeth Pickens, president; Fred H. Graves, vice-president; Avis Williams, secretary; Lowene Lewis, treasurer. They have been very capable and have taken part in all activities. The Seniors put on a beauty contest for the annual. Our candidate, Elzie Middleton, received a great vote thereby winning a page in the beauty section.
Since our Freshman year is almost over we are looking forward to the time when we will be Sophomores, Juniors and then—the goal which every one hopes to reach—high and mighty Seniors. Then we will have accomplished our aim.

1.  A hurricane is a walking cane.
2.  An aspirin tablet is something to write on.
3.  Rex Beach is a summer resort.
4.  Joan of Arc was Noah's wife.
5.  Scotland yard is a playground.
6.  That a river can lose its head.
7.  They can mend the break of day.
8.  Ships have eyes when they go to sea.
9.  An elephant has a key to his trunk.
10. There are springs in the ocean's bed.
11. A baker is rich when he's making dough.
12. If a lemon were drowning, they could throw it a rope and give that lemonade.
13. If they eat a square meal the corners will hurt.
14. Longfellow was funny because he made Minnihaha.

Boys are men who have not got as big as their papas and girls are women who will be ladies by and by.
Boys are a terrible nuisance. They wear out everything but soap and hairbrushes. If I had my way half the world would be girls and the other half dollars. My papa is so nice that he must have been a little girl when he was a little boy.
Man was made and on the seventh day he rested. Woman was made and she's never rested since. When I grow up I'm going to marry a lady husband and all my little girls and boys are going to be girls and dogs.
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