Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
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1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
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1927 RHS Lair Staff - Rockdale, TX
Hillyer - Editor
Staff of 1927
Montgomery -
Perry - Bus. Mgr
Blackburn - Cartoonist
Ruth. Kirk - Asst Ed.
Lee - Art Editor
Simmons - Sport Ed.
Sparks - Asst Bus. Mgr.
E. Kirk - Jokes
Graves - Asst Ed.
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1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX - TIger Tales Staff
Tiger Tales Staff
E. Kirk
W. Hillyer - Ed.
M. Blackburn
L. Gunn
Ruth Kirk - Asst Ed.
E. Pickens
M. Offield
G. Perry - Asst. Ed.
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Glee Club - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
Spanish Club - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
Glee Club
Spanish Club
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Philomathean Literary Society - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
Philomathean Literary Society
Athenaeum Literary Societ - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
Athenaeum Literary Society
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The "I Phelta Thi" was organized January 17. This club was started by Martin Blackburn, George Perry and Kirby Simmons. These charter members chose the candidates and this club became the most exclusive organization on the campus. The full membership consists of Martin Blackburn, George Perry, Kirby Simmons, Calvin Scott, J. P. Sparks, Wilmer Rinn, and Babe Green.
    The club won the championship in basketball from an all star high school team.
Furthermore the I. P. T.'s are the black sheep of the Senior class. Scott and Babe were the originators of a not very original quiz formation in solid geometry, which luckily escaped the eyes of old hard boiled.  Martin and George, partners in disgrace, specialize in the art of theme writing but they never seem to get anywhere. Wilmer, if needs be, can turn his talents into money by taking up the profession of "brunette" feminine impersonator.
J. P. and Kirby, taken together or separately, can make enough noise to run any teacher out of the study hall.
But in spite of their many faults, the Senior class would feel lost without these seven imps of Satan.
I. P. T.
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Manual Training Class - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
This is the first year that R. H. S. has had manual training in it's curriculum. But the class, under the leadership of Mr. Montgomery, who has had several years' experience along this line, has made wonderful progress. The work has been done under a disadvantage, owing to the fact that there has been no machinery in the class room. But, working altogether with hand tools, the boys have turned out some really good specimens of work.
  The shop is well equipped with hand tools which the boys have brought from their homes. We are hoping that next year the school will install some machinery so that this work can go forward and rank with other first class manual training classes in Texas High Schools.
Mrs. Summers:   
"Mel is the cleverest boy in school.    He made this chair out of his own head and he has enough wood left to make a table!"
Manual Training Class
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Debating Team - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
Our debating teams this year were among the strongest ever turned out by the school. Those on the squad this year were: Aaron Green, Kirby Simmons, J. P. Sparks, Thomas Crump, Lucile Landis and Glenna Spiegle. The last four were the ones to represent us at the county meet.
   Debates were held with Hearne, Caldwell, Belton, University of Texas, Thorndale and Cameron.
   Our boys weathered all opposition at the county meet and will represent this district at Waco, April 16. Our girls won their way to the finals at the county meet and following a brilliant argument by both teams the right to represent this county at the district meet was awarded to the Thorndale girls by the close vote of one judge.
   Mrs. Georgia Gillespie, the English teacher, coached both teams and to her belongs much of the honor for the remarkable record made by both teams.
   This is the second year in succession that the boys debate has been won by Rockdale,
J. P. Sparks being a member of the team both years.
Our Debating Teams
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