Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

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Edythe Currey - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
High School Beauty

Edythe Currey
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Anna Marie Barnes - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Elzie Middleton - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
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Senior Class Beauty
Anna Marie Barnes
Freshman Class Beauty
Elzie Middleton
                                       "An Arizona Cowboy"
Farley Gante    (The Cowboy Sheriff)..........................Martin Blackburn
Paul Quillan    (Farley's Partner)...................................George V. Perry
Hezikiah Bugg    (The Biggest Liar Since '89)............Wilmer Rinn
Duke Blackshear    (The Villian From Frisco)..............Mel Summers
Grizzly Grimm    (Duke's Cowboy Friend)...................Calvin Scott
Big Elk   (The Navajo Chief)...........................................Aaron Green
Yow Kee   (The Heathen Chinee).....................................Kirby Simmons
Marguerite Moore    (The Pretty Ranch Owner)........Lucille Landis
Coralie Blackshear   (The Vamping Villianess).............Dorathea Lee
Mrs. Bugg   (Hezikiah's Better Half)............................Gladys Simmons
Fawn Afraid    (Big Elk's daughter)..............................Edythe Currey
Young'un    (Not Much of Anybody).............................Annie Marie Barnes
                                                            Friends of the School
Every institution that is worthwhile has a number of friends, who has stood by it for many years during its ups and downs. Such friends of Rockdale High School are not few and it will be impossible to mention even a fractional part of them here, but the men and women whose photos appear on the following pages have had much to do with the building of Rockdale High to the degree of perfection that it has today.
C. G> Green, Superintendent - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Bailey Hughes - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Mary Catherine Hill - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
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Mr. C. G. Green, now superintendent of the Hamlin Public Schools, was for eleven years at the head of our public school and served in that capacity probably longer than any other person. He was not only active in school work while here, but took a leading part in church work and social affairs. Not only many of the present seniors went to school to him, but many young women and men of the town can point with pride to the fact that he had a part in their education. He will never forget Rockdale and we will not forget him.
Mr. C. G. Green
Bailey Hughes
Bailey Hughes, the famous Tiger Athletic coach whose football team humbled Cameron in the good year 1921, was our first real athletic director and to him goes the credit of first placing us on the map athletically. He not only turned out a championship football team, but was also unbeatable in baseball and track. He was also known as the wizard of finance and was responsible for raising funds to buy us all kinds of equipment. He was here for three years and since leaving here in 1924 has been engaged as a traveling salesman. He is a graduate of Meridian College.
Mary Catherine Hill
All of us who have been in Rockdale high school as long as three years will remember Miss Mary Catherine Hill. She was our regular Latin teacher, but in addition to this she taught at different times, history, French, and some English. Thoroughness was her motto, a pupil could put nothing by her; she knew her subject and would accept nothing but the best efforts from her pupils. Her efforts in Rockdale high school had much to do with our school attaining its present high ranking. She was directly responsible for securing affiliation in Latin and in French. She is a graduate of the local high school and holds a degree from the University of Texas. She is now teaching in Houston.
Irma Porter - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Pearl Fletcher - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Mary Alice Porter - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Wesley Blackburn - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Miss Irma Porter is one of the real teachers that Rockdale has produced. She is not only a Rockdale product, but a graduate of this institution. She has made a careful study of education and is recognized as an authority on primary teaching. For many years she was head of the primary department in our school and most of us learned our first letters from her. We feel that the good start she gave us has helped us over many rough places.
Irma Porter
Miss Pearl Fletcher is not only an honor graduate of our own school but at the University of Texas made a record in scholarship excelled only by a few. Last year she came back to us as our high school English teacher and made an enviable record for both herself and us. Under her direction we secured the fourth unit in English, and that alone would entitle her to a place in our year book. We are sorry that her stay with us was only for one year.
Pearl Fletcher
Miss Mary Alice Porter is another one of our high school graduates who after obtaining her degree from the University of Texas, came back to her Alma Mater as a teacher. For five years she was head of the Spanish department in this high school and in addition taught much of the history. She resigned last summer to continue her education. Probably every member of the senior class has taken some work from her and our Annual would be incomplete if we did not acknowledge what she has done for us and towards building a bigger and better R. H. S.
Mary Alice Porter
Wesley Blackburn
Wesley Blackburn.   How that name used to fill the hearts of the opponents of the Rockdale Tigers with fear. Their was well founded, too, for on the gridiron, on the track, on the court, and on the diamond, he was one of the greatest stars that ever represented this high school. Since leaving here two years ago, he has been one of the leading athletes of the Southwestern Pirates, and he still has two years of college competition.
As a small token of our appreciation of the many honors he has brought to old R. H. S., we are glad to give him space in our Lair.
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                                                                        Rockdale Public School
Rockdale High School is recognized by the State Department of Education as a high school of the first class and is fully affiliated with the various colleges and universities of the state. The school has 21 1-2 accredited units as follows: English 4, history 4, algebra 2, plane geometry 1, solid geometry 1-2, trigonometry 1-2, commercial arithmetic 1-2, civics 1-2, economics 1-2, Latin 3, Spanish 2, physics 1, general science 1, and physiography and physiology 1.
    Sixteen units are required for graduation, although most of our graduates finish with more than that number. The following units are required and the others elective: English 4 units, algebra 2 units, plane geometry 1 unit, early history, modern history and beginning with next session, American history.
    The enrollment in the high school department is about 175, while the total enrollment in the white schools is over 530. Fifteen teachers in addition to the music teacher, the expression teacher and the substitutes are employed. Six of these teach in the high school, five in the intermediate grades, and four in the primary school.
    Rockdale has two splendid modern and well equipped school buildings. The main building, erected in 1923, is one of the best in this section of the state. It has 16 class rooms, an auditorium, a library, a laboratory, and two athletic rooms. It is steam heated. In this building is housed the high school and intermediate departments. The primary school building was remodeled in 1924 and is constructed of brick and stucco. It has four class rooms, an assembly hall, and is modern in every respect.
    In addition to the white schools, Rockdale has one of the best colored schools in central Texas. It enrolls nearly 230 pupils and five teachers are employed. The building is modern and well equipped.
    The citizens of Rockdale have provided well for the education of their children and they extend an invitation to the children of the surrounding rural schools to come to Rockdale to finish their high school education
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           The Old School Building
    Above is a picture of the old Rockdale High School building, which was torn down and remodeled a few years ago to make our splendid primary building.
    The photo doubtless brings to many, memories of the school days of long ago.  Here for many years he Rockdale youth were educated under the instruction of many different teachers.  Perhaps its walls, if they had to power of speech, could tell many a story of the ups and downs of school life.  The building has been torn down but its work will go on for years.
Old School Building - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
First School Board - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
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Our First School Board
During the many years of the life of Rockdale High School, many different school boards  have directed its destiny. Here is the likeness of the first board.  They are, reading from right:
Front Row:
Rev. W. E. Copeland,
J. H. Stribling,
B. Loewenstein
Back Row:
James H. Hill,
C. H. Coffield,
R. H. Hicks,
A. E. Fullenwider
The First Rockdale School Board
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