Tennis has been one of the most popular sports on the R. H.S.
                                                                                           campus this year and some real good teams were developed.
                                                                                           Almost every afternoon finds the court occupied and others
                                                                                           waiting to play.
                                                                                           Among those who have enjoyed the sport are: Miss Leila
                                                                                           Brightman, Coach; Ruth Kirk, Edna Kirk, Wilma Hillyer,
                                                                                           Dorothea Lee, Anna Marie Barnes, Mignon Graves, Herbert
                                                                                           Lightfoot, Mel Summers, Thomas Crump, John Richards,
                                                                                           Marian Bodiford, Kirby Simmons, Mr. Montgomery,
                                                                                           Mr. Wilkerson and Miss Estell.
                                                                                           In the elimination contest begun Feb. 14 to select our
                                                                                           representatives to the county meet the results were as
                                                                                           follows: Richards and Lightfoot defeated Simmons and
                                                                                           Worley, 6-2, 6-4; Richards and Lightfoot defeated Perry
                                                                                           and Summers 6-2, 6-1.
                                                                                           In boys singles Lightfoot defeated Perry 2-6, 6-2, 6-3;
                                                                                           Lightfoot defeated Summers, 6-3, 4-6, 6-1.
                                                                                           In girls singles R. Kirk defeated Hillyer 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. E.
                                                                                           Kirk and Hillyer won the girls doubles by default.,
                                                                                           In addition to the county tournament our girls met and
                                                                                           defeated Taylor High School in both doubles and singles.
                                                                                           At the county meet the score was as follows: Rockdale vs
                                                                                           Cameron in boys doubles 4-6, 2-6.
In singles Lightfoot defeated Milano 7-5, 7-5 and was eliminated in the finals by Cameron 6-2, 8-6, 6-1.
In girls doubles our team after getting off to a good start lost to Jones Prairie who eventually won the championship. The score was 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.
Ruth Kirk won her first match in singles beating Milano 6-3, 6-2 and lost a hard fought match to Jones Prairie 6-4, 2-6, 6-4.
Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

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                                       FOOT BALL
Football has been one of the leading sports of R. H. S. for several years. It has been a great help in keeping alive the spirit of the school. Rockdale's alumni still recall with pleasure the games of '17, '18 and '19. And will anyone ever forget that Cameron game of Nov. 11, 1921, when the score stood 16-0 in our favor? The valor of the Tigers who played in that game will always linger in the minds of Tiger fans.
That game has been an incentive to each successive squad, but this year we bowed our heads in defeat to the Yoemen. However, after the Armistice Day game, every Yoeman fully realized that he had been in a real gridiron battle. Rockdale lost to the more experienced team but as each Tiger had done his best, neither the coach, the squad nor the fans was as disappointed as one would imagine. The game was a real football classic, each team playing good, clean football from the first to the last whistle.
The other games were just as hard fought, and usually our losses were to a more experienced or a heavier team. We had an exceptionally strong defensive team, but in spite of our heavy line, we were a little weak on the offensive. Although we lose several letter men by graduation, we are expecting great things of next year's Tiger squad. We lose two four-year men, Scott and Martin Blackburn, and it will have to be two good men who will fill their shoes. We also lose several other good men, George Perry, T. Crump, Babe Green, Spuds Sparks, Wilmer Rinn, Kirby Simmons and Mel Summers and their loss will be keenly felt.
This year's captain, Newton Daniels, proved so valuable that he was re-elected to the captaincy for next year. And under Newt's leadership, we are expecting the light and fast team of next year to be one of the best in the history of the school.
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Football team - Sports from the 1927 Lair Yearbook of RHS - Rockdale TX
                                                            WILMER RINN—End
Senior—Time, 1 year—Weight 135 pounds
Wilmer was fast, tackled hard, and played the game square. On a pass he was always open and ready to grab the ball.
                                                        WILLIE BROWN—Guard
Sophomore—Second year—Weight 158 pounds
Although handicapped, at the first of the season, by an injured shoulder, Willie tackled hard and always did his work well in the line.
                                                 MELVILLE SUMMERS (Mel)—Tackle
Senior—Second year—Weight 168 pounds
Mel showed up well at the beginning of the season, but later was forced to lay out by disabilities.
                                                         KIRBY SIMMONS—End
Senior—Two years—Weight 129 pounds
Simmons was one of the headiest men on the team. He was excellent on passes and did exceedingly well in the Caldwell game.
                                                     FLOYD ALLEN (Flat)—Tackle
Sophomore—Two years—Weight 169 pounds
"Flat" will long be remembered by Rockdale fans as being one of the hardest fighting men that ever played in Blue and Gold. His specialty was downing opponents on punts.
                                                  JESSE PORTER SPARKS—Guard
Senior—Two years—Weight 22 0 pounds
"Spuds" was the Jackson of the line; he stood like a stone wall. He was called back to do the place kicking.
                                                     WARREN BUNTING—Guard
Sophomore—One year—Weight 169 pounds
Bunting's playing was hampered by a bad leg. He showed up better toward the last of the season. We hope that Warren will be back next year.
                                                       COACH MONTGOMERY
Mr. Montgomery came to us from Wichita Falls Junior High, where he had been coaching for several successful seasons. "Monty" made a real team out of green material. Here's hoping for a successful season in '27 with the same coach.
                                                         WELLS ALLEN—End
Sophomore—Two years—Weight 138 pounds
"Mugs" was best on defense. He tackled low and hard and sent his opponents for many yards of loss.
                                                    CHARLES NEWTON—Center
Sophomore—One year—Weight 136 pounds
"Tip" filled his big bud's shoes fairly well. He will be one of the best little men in our line next year.
                                                     EMORY PICKENS—Halfback
Sophomore—Two years—Weight 142 pounds
"Pick" was a fast, side-stepping little man. His "educated toe" will help us over many a rough place next year.
                                                       CALVIN SCOTT—Center
Senior—Three years—Weight 196 pounds
Ox was an excellent center and tackle. It was no easy task to take him out of a play for he was a fair, hard-hitting player.
                                                    JOHNNY RICHARDS—Half
Sophomore—One year—Weight 130 pounds
Johnny was one of the hardest tacklers, as well as the fastest man on the team. We look forward to Johnny as being our star in '27.
                                                  HERBERT LIGHTFOOT—Half
Junior—Two years—Weight 141 pounds
Herbert was a shifty runner but was slow on account of injured feet. He ranked with Johnny as a tackier and we are expecting great things of him next year.
                                                         LOUIS RINN—Half
Junior—One year—Weight 158 pounds
As the season advanced Louis showed up better and better, and soon became one of the fastest side-stepping men.
                                                       BOYD WORLEY—Half
Junior—One year—Weight 133 pounds
A little man full of grit, ready to step into any man's game. Because of this he will prove to be a valuable man next year.
                                                     AARON GREEN—Center
Senior—Two years—Weight 166 pounds
Babe started out as center but later changed to end. He was never known to'loaf and was a hard scrapper
                                                   THOMAS CRUMP—Tackle
Senior—Two years—Weight 168 pounds
T. was a good all-round man. He went into every game with a "do or die" spirit and was in every place.
                                                         L. C. FRANKLIN
Junior—One year—Weight  157 pounds
"Goofy" was a man upon whom all opponents cast a wary eye. He never quit until the last whistle.
                                NEWTON DANIELS, Captain—Fullback (Captain-Elect)
Junior—Three years—Weight 197 pounds
"Dan" backed up the defensive line and was one of the strongest punt¬ers R. H. S. has ever known. Newt's line plunging was a great factor on the offensive.
                                                  GEORGE PERRY—Guard
Senior—One year—Weight 165 pounds
"Puffy's" handicap, his lack of experience, was made up by his "never give-up" fighting spirit. He was a lineman of merit.
                                                  MARTIN BLACKBURN
Senior—Three years—freight i64 pound's
"Tenus" was always a clear thinker, and seldom ever called the wrong play. When playing defensive end he was always the mainstay of our team.
                                                  SHELBY SMITH—End
Sophomore—One year—Weight 160 pounds
"Duck" played his best in every game, throwing the opposition for losses on every play around his side. He was one of the best defensive ends in this district.
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Football Team - Sports from the 1927 Lair Yearbook of RHS - Rockdale TX
                              Pickens    Richards      Daniels      Lightfoot
      Green      Blackburn    Franklin      Scott         Perry       Allen        Rinn
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BOys Basketball team - Sports from the 1927 Lair Yearbook of RHS - Rockdale TX
W. Rinn
Cap't. Green
L. Rinn
                                                    T. V. MONTGOMERY - Coach -- one year
Mr. "Monty" made a team out of a handful of boys eager to learn the game.  He welded together a combination that tasted defeat only twice during the season.  Coach endeared himself to all his men by his clean sportsmanship.  His creed was "put all you've got into every game but play fair and square".
                                               A. GREEN— (Cap't)— Guard Senior—2 years
"Babe" more than won his place on the Tiger team, being one of our hardest fighting men. He was unanimously chosen as all county guard.
                                                    W. RINN—Forward Senior—1 year
Wilmer came to us from Sharp which was their loss and our gain. Fast as lightning, playing everywhere and a good goal tosser put him on the all-county team.
                                                   T. CRUMP—Forward Senior—2 years
"Hongry" played a fast game and was a fair goal shooter. As a defensive player he has no superior.
                                                     L. RINN—Forward Junior—1 year
Louis also came to us from Sharp and he lived up to our expections.   He could dribble down the court and get more shots than any man on the team.
                                                    C. SCOTT—Center Senior—4 years
Over six feet of real man, "Ox" was clean playing and hard fighting to the last. He was the oldest man on the team, but it takes an old head to make things a success. Calvin was picked as second all-county center.
                                                       L. KEEN—Guard Senior—1 year
A bit quiet in speech but very clearly spoken on the court with a basketball in his hands. Lawrence was good natured and hard fighting which made him a valuable asset to the squad.
                                                 W. BROWN—Guard Sophomore—1 year
Willie came to us from Millerton and has proved our gain, especially in basketball. He covered his man all the time during every game.
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Girls Basketball Team - Sports from the 1927 Lair Yearbook of RHS - Rockdale TX
Girls Basket Ball Team Wins Championship
The Rockdale High School girls basket ball team won the Milam Coun­ty championship at the County tournament held at Rockdale, March 4 and 5, 1927.
The team was coached by W. R. Laurence and was one of the best teams to ever represent the Blue and Gold and the only one to win the official county championship. Previous to the tournament, the team made an enviable record, winning 13 out of 15 games, and in the tournment won three straight games, each of the opponents being among the strong­est in the county.
As a token of appreciation of their good work, the teachers and citizens of Rockdale presented each of the girls who played on the regular team a silver basket ball properly engraved, which we feel sure they will be pleased to wear for many years.
The usual starting line up was as follows: forwards, Edith Curry and Ruby Lee Raley; centers, Maude Aldridge and Williard Raye Clymore; guards, Raye Currey (Captain) and Angeline Ferguson; subs, Pearl Harriss, Mary Alice Gohman, and Ruth Raley. Other members of the squad were, Erma Doss, Ara Faye Edmondson, Nettie Lee Ledwell, Faye Linder, Vera Posey and Jimmie Talley.
The record for the season was:

                    Rockdale..........25                Thorndale..........22
                    Rockdale..........14                 Thrall.................16
                    Rockdale..........26                Thorndale..........14
                    Rockdale..........24                 Caldwell........... 18
                    Rockdale..........22                 Sharp................16   
                    Rockdale..........35                 Yarrelton...........5
                    Rockdale............8                  Bethlehem..........8
                    Rockdale..........15                  Buckholts.........16
                    Rockdale..........34                 Sharp................18
                    Rockdale..........25                 Bethlehem .......14
                    Rockdale..........20                 San Gabriel.....12
                    Rockdale..........26                 Gay Hill.............5
                    Rockdale..........25                 Oak Hill.............2
                    Rockdale..........27                 Oak Hill.............2
                    Rockdale..........20                 Davilla................6
                    Rockdale..........23                 Buckholts..........17
                    Rockdale..........17                  San Gabriel.....16
                    Rockdale..........23                  Yarrelton..........3
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Track Team - Sports from the 1927 Lair Yearbook of RHS - Rockdale TX
                                         Track Team
Our track team got off to a flying start this year and although we did not cop the cup we made a very good showing against our rival, Cameron. We were only a few points behind cameron when the meet ended. We won first place in shot and discus, high jump, mile run and the mile relay, and second and third place in almost every other event.
Shot—Crump, Daniels and Lightfoot
Discus—Daniels, Crump and Summers
Javelin—Daniels, Lightfoot and Crump
High jump—Crump, Simmons and Summers
Broad jump—Richards, Foster and Crump
Pole vault—L. Dyer, Lightfoot and Richards
High hurdles—L. Rinn and L. Dyer
Low hurdles—L. Rinn, and Foster
100  yard  dash—Richards,  Keen,  and Foster
220 yard dash—Richards and Foster
440 yard dash—Keen and Watson
880 yard run—Crump
Mile run—W. Rinn, Clare
Mile relay—Keen, L. Rinn, Crump and W. Rinn
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Girls Tennis Team - 1927 Lair Yearbook of RHS - Rockdale TX
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                                                                                 County Meet
Rockdale High School entered every phase of the county meet which was held this year at Cameron and made a remarkable showing, amassing a total of 107 points. Our school registered more points in the literary events than any other school in the county.
Among the victories won at this meet were: J. P. Sparks and Thomas Crump first in boys' debate; Lucille Landis and Glenna Spiegel second in girls' debate; Polly Anna Allen second in girls' declamation; Alice Eloie Barkley, Bertha Luckey, and Josie Palmer first in music memory; Grace Marie Birdwell and Doris Simms first in sub-junior spelling; Billie Gaither and Jessie Rae Gray second in junior spelling; Lois Gunn and Katherine Alexander second in senior spelling; Elwood Smith, Myrel Moses and Lois Scheihing first in arithmetic; L. C. Franklin third in senior boys' declamation; Bernadine Childs third in extemporaneous speaking; and Ruth Kirk second in the essay contest.
In track we had only two men, Thomas Crump and Newton Daniels, who lettered last year. Starting the season with a green squad, Coach Montgomery developed a good team that scored 56 points to Cameron's 88. Newton took first in the shot put, discus, and second in the javelin, while Thomas was first in the high jump and Wilmer Rinn won the mile with ease
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