Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
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1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

Literary - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
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Our School Board
Rockdale Public School is fortunate in the personnel of its board of education. It is not only composed of seven capable and successful business men, but it is versatile. It has a preacher who can pray for its success, a newspaper man who can give the proper publicity, a college graduate who can judge even the scholarship of the teachers, two ex-teachers who can see that all things scholastic are as they should be and two railroad men who can see that our books, library and laboratory material reach us promptly. One might think that a board possessing all these qualities might meddle too much with school affairs but such is not the case. They lend only such co-operation as is needed and at the same time are always loyal to the school and willing to do all in their power for its progress.  
Mr. E. B. Phillips, the president, is a former teacher, although he never publishes the fact, and this information is gained only from his friends who knew him in his earlier life. He has been a member of the school board for over twenty years and during this time has taken a deep interest in school affairs. He is not much for taking part in programs, but is always ready when something is needed for the school in the way of new equipment, or furnishing conveniences for the teachers as well as the students. He has served continuously since April 1919.

Judge Ed Gunn, the vice-president of the board, is an ex-teacher as well as the legal advisor of the board. He is an able speaker and takes a great interest in the public speaking activities among the students. He is always ready to help us when we call upon him for an address. He has been a member of the board since April 27, 1923.

Mr. C. M. Sessions, secretary of the school board, is a graduate of Southwestern University and has been a member of the board for four years. During all this time he has missed only a few of its meetings. He is an expert at writing up the proceedings of the board and the checks he has signed have amounted to more than $60,000.  He has also signed more than a hundred school diplomas. We consider him a true friend of the school.

Mr. John E. Cooke has been a member of the school board since April 9, 1919, and during a large part of that time was its president. As editor of the Rockdale Reporter, he has always befriended the school by giving us freely of his space. For the last three years the school through his kindness has had a full page, known as The Tiger Tales in his paper. For the last four years Mr. Cooke has presented the high school diplomas to the seniors and his characteristic and unique way of doing this attracted attention among the schools of this section of the State. He has always been the students' friend. They have missed him much this year, as he has been unable to visit the school as much as common.

Mr. L. A. Baxter, has been a member of the school board since September 1, 1926, having been appointed to take the place of E. R. Wolfe, resigned. He is a member of the building and grounds committee and has taken a great interest in seeing that things are kept up in shape at the school building. Mr. Baxter has been a citizen of Rockdale for about a dozen years and always took active interest in school affairs even before he became a member of the board. He is a native Texan and was educated in the Beeville schools.

Mr. R. D. Barnes was appointed a member of the school board September 1, 1925, and since that time has taken an active interest in school affairs. This is not his first experience in educational work, however, as he was a member of the board of education in Oakwood before he removed to Rockdale. We feel that he is a true friend of the school.

Rev. R. E. Roberts, pastor of the local Christian Church, was appointed a member of the school board February 22, 1926, but even before this he took a deep interest in school affairs. His addresses and talks to the students in chapel are always a source of inspiration.
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                                                                  Our Faculty
Mr. J. C. Wilkerson, our superintendent, is serving his second year as head of our schools. He is a graduate of the North Texas State Teachers College at Denton, holds a B. A. degree from the University of Texas, has done graduate work in the University of Chicago, and holds a permanent certificate. He has had seventeen years experience as teacher, principal, and superintendent in the public schools of this state. He is teaching Caesar and Cicero this session. He takes a great interest in our work.

Mr. T. V. Montgomery, our principal, attended the North Texas State Teachers College at Denton one year, and is a graduate of John Tarleton College at Stephenville, Texas. At the latter institution he was a star athlete, lettering in football, baseball, basketball and track. He came to us last fall from the Wichita Palls Junior High School where he had been coach and head of the manual training department for four years. Besides being principal, he is this session acting as mathematics and science teacher and coaching all boys athletics and directing the Glee Club. Mr. Montgomery is beloved by all the students.

Mrs. Georgia Gillespie is a native of Texas and received her early education in the public schools of Blanche, Texas. She holds a degree from the University of Oklahoma and has done graduate work in the University of Texas, and at the University of Oklahoma. She has also attended Baylor College. Mrs. Gillespie has had seven or eight years experience as a teacher in some of the better high schools of Texas and Oklahoma, having taught last, before she came to Roekdale last September, at Guthrie, Oklahoma. She is head of the English department in our high school and coach of debate.

Mr. Wendell Reed Lawrence is a graduate of Thorndale High School and of Marion Military Institute, of Marion, Alabama. He is also an ex-student of Vanderbilt University at Nashville, Tennessee and of Baylor University at Waco. This is Mr. Lawrence's first year as a teacher. He teaches science and mathematics. Mr. Lawrence also acted as coach of girls basketball this session and turned out a championship team. He is not only generally recognized over the county as one of the best coaches, but many predict that within a few years he will be coaching championship teams in boys athletics.
Miss Mary E. Noble is a graduate of Taylor High School and has had two years college work at Texas Christian University and one year at University of Texas. For four years preceeding this she taught in the grammar school but the trustees found her work so efficient that they promoted her to high school where, this year she is teaching history and civics. The pupils recognize her as an extra-ordinary teacher.

Miss Irene Knopp is a graduate of Georgetown High School and has a B. A. degree from Baylor College. She also attended Southwestern University. She holds a permanent certificate and before coming to Rockdale had two years experience as a teacher in her home town, Leander. This year she is teaching successfully Latin, Spanish, history, and English. She is also director of the Spanish Club, assistant in Glee Club, and an advisor of one of the literary societies. Miss Knopp is a strong supporter of student activities and has more pep than two average persons.

Mrs. T. V. Montgomery is not a regular member of our faculty, but we have adopted her and our annual would not be complete without featuring her, for she has been a large part of our school life this year and largely through her untiring efforts, this annual was made possible. She is an ex-student of John Tarleton and has had several years experience as a teacher. This year she is teacher of expression, substitute teacher, faculty advisor for the annual, director of high school plays, et cetera.

What would be a school or home without music? Mrs. C. M. Perry is our piano teacher who so efficiently teaches this art that has "charms the savage breast to subdue." Many of the high school pupils have taken lessons from her during the last few years and they will vouch for the fact that no more capable teacher can be found.
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                                                             High School Dramatics
Under the leadership of Mrs. Montgomery, Rockdale High School has had an exceptionally good year along dramatic lines. In order to raise money for the athletic association and the annual the students have put on several plays, and even the faculty appeared in one on Friday, May 13th.
The seniors have done the most work along dramatic lines, chief among their productions being "An Arizona Cowboy." This was a four-act comedy-drama of life in the Southwest, and was given at the City Hall auditorium, December the tenth. On the following day a matinee performance of the same play was given. This play was very ably presented by the following cast: Martin Blackburn, George Perry, Aaron Green, Calvin Scott, Wilmer Rinn, Mel Summers, Kirby Simmons, Lucille Landis, Gladys Simmons, Edythe Currey, Dorothea Lee and Anna Marie Barnes (and her chicken, Jupiter?)
"Curses, What a Night!" a short nonsensical farce was the next play produced by the seniors. This was a burlesque on the old time "Meller-drarrrmer" and was well received by the audience at the Dixie Theater. The cast was composed of Glenna Spiegel, Raye Currey, Thomas Crump, Kirby Simmons, and J. P. Sparks, as the "deep, dense, double-eyed villain."
Mr. Montgomery and Martin Blackburn next presented a very funny black-face sketch at the Dixie. It was entitled "Safety Razors First" and Martin played the salesman while Mr. Monty was the dumb interruption who was not so dumb after all! The audience roared with laughter from the beginning to the end of this sketch.
Probably the best of all the one-act plays given was "Pa's New Housekeeper," which was presented at the Dixie, in February. It was extremely well produced by Anna Marie Barnes, Ruth Kirk, our old friend, Spuds Sparks, Martin Blackburn, and George Perry. This was a clever little play, which dealt with the joke two collegiate chums played on the father of one of the boys. When the new housekeeper, Mrs. 0. I. Pounce, failed to appear one of the boys (George) decided to impersonate the said housekeeper. This he did so charmingly that Pa Jackson fell in love at first sight, proposed marriage and was accepted. Things became more and more complicated until at just the proper moment the identity of the make believe widow was revealed then of course it ended as good plays should, "they all lived happily ever after." Will anyone who witnessed this play ever forget George as a feminine impersonator? He was a dream in his red, marcelled wig and his rose linen dress (until he forgot and smoked a stogie!)
The juniors were the next to appear on the stage, their production being "Deacon Dubbs" a three-act comedy of village life. The juniors received many compliments and much cash for their night's work.

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There were several big scenes in this play, an auction scene, a husking bee and the old time Virginia Reel. The numbers rendered by the male quartet, Mr. Montgomery, Barney Watson, Wendell Dyer and Herbert Lightfoot, and those rendered by the mixed quartet composed of Virginia Thweatt, Winnie Childs, Mr. Monty and Barney Watson, were especially well received by the audience. The following juniors had a part in "Deacon Dubbs": Louis Rinn, L. C. Franklin, Raiford Foster, Jack Williams, Herbert Lightfoot, Angeline Ferguson, Edna Kirk, Faye Linder, Bernadine Childs, and Pearl Harriss.
Another very good one-act play, and the only play given which was not coached by Mrs. Montgomery was "Elizabeth's Young Man," which was presented at the Dixie in April. This playlet was under the supervision of Miss Irene Knopp, and was both well presented and well received by the audience. The characters were, Wilma Hillyer, Ruth Kirk, Lucille Landis and LeRoy Hillyer.
The long talked of presentation of the faculty play, "A Poor Married Man" will be presented on May 13th. (Evidently we haven't a superstitious faculty!) The teachers are busily working on this, and Mrs. Monty assures us that several of them have professional ability as actors, therefore the play is an assured success. The play selected is a three-act comedy dealing with the trials of a poor professor who was cursed with entirely too much mother-in-law. After getting rid of her, her dog and her daughter, he marries again and to his horror his father-in-law marries his ex-mother-in-law. But at last her long lost husband, Socrates Ford, alias Smith, alias Dean, alias Clark, is found in China and everything ends well. Mr. Monty has the part of Professor John B. Wise, the poor married man, and Miss Irene Knopp is the harassing mother-in-law, Mrs. lona Ford, Misses Leila Brightman, Gladys Brannon, and Ophelia Estell, Mrs. Gore, Mr. Lawrence and Martin Blackburn each have star roles also.
After a battle royal the seniors decided on "Am I Intruding?" a three-act royalty society comedy for the official class play. This will be presented, May 24th at the High School auditorium and as it is an exceptionally good play, the seniors are eagerly looking forward to this date. These seniors will take part in this play which will close the best year Rockdale High school has ever had in dramatics: Lois Fergeson, Wilma Hillyer, Anna Marie Barnes, Glenna Spiegel, Dorothea Lee, Lucille Landis, Kirby Simmons, Mel Summers, Wilmer Rinn, Clyde Griffin, Barney Watson and Thomas Crump.
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13—School opens.   Students greet new teachers.
14—Football practice for '26 starts with 26 men.
22—Senior class organized.    Martin elected president.
24—Tigers 6, Bartlett 0. Rah! Rah! Rah!

1—For the first time in athletic history Rockdale loses to Thorndale 6-13.
    Mr. Montgomery broaches the subject of putting out an annual.
8—Squad journeys to Belton. Much hard luck, lost the game, coach's dog, and had to buy three new tires.
11—Will wonders never cease?   Spuds got to school on time.
15—Hearne invades the Tiger Lair.   A double revenge next year!
20—First six weeks exams begin.
27—We get our first report cards. Mel makes a 100 (50 in solid and 50 in physics.)
29—Georgetown and Rockdale have desperate mud battle. Martin loses his temper and most of the game.
       Juniors entertain seniors with spooks, punch, sandwiches, etc. at city hall.

2—Seniors start work on "Arizona Cowboy."
5—Taylor vs Rockdale. George holds his cousin while Martin redeems his Taylor error!
8—Beat Cameron! Beat Cameron!!   Beat Cameron!!!
11—Sad but true—Rockdale loses to her old rival.
18—George proves a theorem in geometry. Luckily L. C. catches Mr. Monty as he swoons.
2—Raye elected captain of girls basketball team.
24—Mrs. Gillespie goes to Austin—oh-la-la.
25—Turkey and pumkin pie and four whole days of rest.

2—Oh, if holidays only came as often as exams. Scott and Babe get their ink mixed in solid geometry exam.
7—Why can't the teachers forget all the alphabet but A's and B's when making out our reports.
10-11—Seniors present "Arizona Cowboy" with great success. Anna Marie proves her ability as an actress.
13—Class beauties are nominated.
17—George introduces a "dark horse" in the beauty contest.
22-Edith wins first place, with Anna Marie 'the dark horse" second and Elzie a close third.
School dismisses for holidays.

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3—Back at school with many good resolutions to be broken.
7—Glee Club organized under leadership of Mr. Montgomery and Miss Knopp.
8—Both basketball girls and boys continue to win from everyone.
10—Annual staff meets with Mr. Cooke and begins to realize what it doesn't know about publishing an annual.
15—Several members of Lair staff go to Southwestern Engraving Company at Fort Worth and learn much annual lore.
17—Said members finally thaw out enough to resume their school work.
I Phelta Thi's organize.
19—Mid-term exams.   We're quaking in our boots.
21—Yarrelton hands our boys first defeat of the season.
23—Philo and Ath. girls have game.   Ask Mr. Lawrence who won.
24—Oh, those term themes!
27—Who broke Ruth's tennis racket???
31—Mrs. Monty serves doughnuts to manual training class.

1—Attention, please!   Dorothea has a new permanent.
4-5—County basketball tournament held at Rockdale. We lose to Yarrelton 10-11.
14-15—Herbert Lightfoot wins boy's singles. "Red" Kirk wins girls singles.
16—Mrs. Gillespie goes to Oklahoma. Mrs. Monty proves popular Eng¬lish teacher.
25—Basketball picnic.   Gobs of fun.
26—Track team organized.

4-5 Girl's basketball tournament. We defeat Yarrelton for county championship.
12;—Tennis tournament in Cameron.   R. H. S. makes good showing.
18-19—Big event of year—track meet in Cameron.
24—Another interesting field trip.
27—Lair staff makes one last desperate effort to get work to printer.

1—All fools' day! Seniors go on picnic. Lois feeds George soapy fudge?!?
4—Seniors go on weinie roast.
5—"Lair" goes to press.   Amen!
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            Poem to the Tigers
           (November 11, 1926)
Did you ever hear of Cameron —
It's a wide place in the road,
And their players, known as "Yoemen,"
Are kinda funny like a toad.

On the gridiron of the Yoemen
In the year of '21,
The "Tigers" snatched a victory
Full of peppy life and fun.

Then the Yoemen full of anger,
Came upon us like a storm ;
Alas !   We lost the game to Cameron
And our Tigers felt forlorn.

Twice we fell in the estimation
Of our fans and sideline friends,
But we'll fight for life on Thursday,
Just to win by odds and ends.

Come on, Rockdale, let's support them,
Help them make a brilliant name —
You can be a gracious helper
By attending Thursday's game .

                                  LUCILLE LANDIS
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