Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

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                                                             Tiger Tales Ads

WANTED—An airship that will run on hot air. J. P. Sparks.
FOR SALE—A head of second hand brains. Very little used. Mel Summers.
WANTED—Any superfluous flesh anyone has. Kirby Simmons.
WANTED—Someone, preferably a boy, to listen while I rave. Lucille Land:s.
LOST—All my dignity when I discovered my tennis racquet broken. Ruth C. Kirk.
FOUND—The way to manage a husband and a high school course at the same time.
                                                                                 Elizabeth Underwood.
WANTED—A horse that is able to pull a worn out Chevrolet. Mr. Monty
WANTED—More gasoline. Virginia Thweatt.
ADVICE TO LOVELORN—Send for booklet, "How to Succeed in Love Affairs." Enclose stamps. Miss Noble.
WANTED—Five hundred bushels of wild oats seed.  George Perry.
WANTED—A way to remove permanent, kissproof lipstick. Kissing failed. Lillian Wallis.
WANTED—A long dress to wear while having my picture made with the freshmen. Miss Knopp.
FOR SALE—A model for an up-to-date love letter. Free to beginners. Dorothea Lee.
LOST—The way to manage a Senior class. Finder please return to Martin Blackburn.
WANTED—A good brunette hair dye. Eula Stiles.
WANTED—Two more years in Rockdale High School so that I may graduate with a certain Soph. boy. Lois Fergeson .FOR SALE—A nice flourishing mustache consisting of three hairs on right side, and three on the left.  Mr. Laurence.                  
LOST—My height reducer. Calvin Scott.
WANTED—An experienced blacksmith to help me make out English questions. Mrs. Gillespie.
WANTED—A few more plays, annuals, etc., to work on during my spare time. Mrs. Monty.
FOUND—The way to acquire a beautiful form. Send ten cents for particulars. Anna Marie Barnes.
WANTED—A sure cure for absent-mindedness. Mr. Wilkerson.
FOUND—A way to vamp red-headed tailors, even in the presence of a certain dignified faculty member. Edythe Currey.
WANTED—A machine that will work geometry problems. Newton Daniels.
FOUND—A way to keep up with Kate. Boyd Worley.
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Misc photos - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
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misc. photos - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
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Upon Mr. Monty's twisting his head queerly, Louis Rinn inquired: "Have you water in your ear?"
Mr. Monty: "No, I've a crick (creek) in my neck."

Dorothea Lee after listening to one of Mr. Laurence's lectures on "How to Increase the Milk Flow" asked: "How long would you have to beat a cow to make her give whipped cream?"

It is understood that a certain family in Cameron is blessed with twins. Both being boys, they were named "Pete" and "Re-Pete." We wonder if, had they been girls, they would have been burdened through life with names of "Kate" and "Dupli-Kate?"

Mrs. Gillespie, in English class: "Leroy, what tense is 'I am beautiful'?"
Leroy:    "Pretense."

One morning George V. Perry was passing Martin Blackburn's home. Upon seeing Martin sitting on the steps crying heart-brokenly, he advanced and asked gently: "Martin, ole man, what's the matter?"
Martin (sniffing): I—I've—got—a —a—toothache and (boo, hoo) this b— b—being Saturday, th—there ain't no school to stay home from!!!"

Barney Watson (entering a Men's Furnishing Dep't): "I'd like to try that suit on in the window."
Salesman Tip: "Sorry, but you'll have to go in the dressing room."

Anna Marie: "I've been two periods trying to pass a Latin Quarter!"
Kirby: "That's nothing; I've been trying to pass a Canadian Dime all day.'"

Edna Kirk:   "Did you ever hear the story of the 'Golden Fleece'?"
Kate:    "No, did they bite?"

Willie Brown: "What's   on   your mind?"
Willie Mae Clampet: "Thoughts."
Willie: "Treat them kindly; they're in a strange place."

Miss Estell: "Little boy did you fall down in your Sunday .pants?"
Little boy: "Yes ma'am, I didn't have time to take 'em off."

Cleone Sikes (speaking to Mayes Sparks): "You don't chew tobacco do you, little boy?"
Mayes: "No, ma'am but I can give you a cigarette if that'll do."

Mrs. Monty (wishing for a $25 hat): "I cook and cook and what do I get? Nothing."
Mr. Monty: "Well, I declare you're lucky, I always get indigestion."

Lois Dyer: "What were those blood curdling yells I heard at your home last night?"
Miss Brightman: "Oh, Mr. Wilkerson was just quieting Nancy Joe; you see he can't sing a note so he was giving some college yells."

Miss Knopp: "What lesson do we learn from the attack of the Dardanelles."
Fred Graves: "That a straight (strait) beat three kings."

Edyth: "Bill, where will we eat tonight?"
Bill: "Let's eat up the street."
Edyth: "Let's  don't—I don't like gravel."

No matter how fast a clock runs it always winds up in the same place.

Harry Wayne: "Bing! we went in a ditch and after that everything was blank."
Mrs. Phillips: "Yes, I can imagine just what you were saying."
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Classmates signatures - 1927 RHS Lair - Rockdale, TX
Barney Watson
Lucille Landis
Wilma Hillyer
Glenna Spiegel
Clyde Griffin
Ruth Kirk
Virginia Thweatt
Kirby Simmons
Ruth Hamilton
J. P. Sparks
Melville Summers
Raye Currey
Amy Marie Barnes
Dorothea Lee
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