Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1926-1927 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1927

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Southwestern Engraving Company - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Southwestern Engraving Company
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In Appreciation
We, the members of the "Lair" staff of '27, wish to express our appreciation to those who have given us their loyal support in the publication of this, our first annual.  On the following pages will be found the advertisements of those concerns who have contributed to our annual.

To you, our readers, let us say that you should remember our motto: "We trade with those who trade with us".   We sincerely hope that each student of Rockdale High will do his utmost to live up to the motto.
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Rockdale Reporter, Dixie Theatre, Rockdale State Bank, Post Office Filling Station  - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
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Wm. Cameron Co. - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
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Rockdale Machine Shop, W. E. White, Noack Grocery, Owl Cafe, Steins Bakery, Coffield Hdw, Douthit Jewelry
Scarbrough & Hicks, The Elite Cafe - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Heine & Meyer Co, Ben Loewenstein Jr., Citizens State Bank - 1927 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
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Rockdale Reporter

Rockdale State Bank
The Dixie Theatre
C. W. Matson. Prop.

Post Office Filling Station
Wm. Cameron & Co.
Building Material
Rockdale Machine Shop
Clyde Rhodes, Prop.

Stein's Bakery

Coffield Hdw. Co.

Douthit Jewelry Co.
W. E. White

Noack Grocery, Market
and Feed Store

The Owl Cafe
Phone 54
Scarbrough & Hicks Co.
The Elite Cafe
Jones Robertson, Prop.
Heine & Meyer Co.
Phone 55
Citizens State Bank
H. C. Meyer, President
Ira Perry, Vice President
Ben Loewenstein Jr.
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