Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1935-1936 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1936

Page 101
1936 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Eleanor & Iola
Uncle Tom
Some Fun!
Eh, Annie Mae
Doin' Swell,
Big Shots
Little Farmers
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Such Affection!
Page 102
1936 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Billy K.
Dorothy W.
Elloie, Bess, Fred, Kay, Bertha, Martha, Louise, Earle, J.O.
Our Baby Days
Nannette & Ruth
Tommy & Nannette
Jane & Evelyn
Virginia, Nanette, Dorothy, Jo &
John T.
Page 103
1936 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Rueben Seelke
Floyd Griffis
Rufus Graves
Alec McLeod
Gladys Matson
Dorothy Matson
Fenora Meyer
Flora Scheihing
Doris Simms
Ella Frances Wolf
Marhsall Floyd
Gaylon McCoy
Page 104
1936 RHS Lair, Rockdale, TX
Virginia Lee - Helen
Little Cowboys
Dorothy - Nancy
Home Ec. Picnic
Mary Elizabeth, Julie Verne, NathaLee - Mary Florence
Mary - Natha Lee
Celeste - Ruth - Virginia - Eleanor
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Ready Made Autographs
Page 105