Dedicated to you - - -
    The Rockdale Students of the past, the present, and the future.
    No school is greater than its student body and administration.  It has taken the full co-operation of each and every person for sixty-seven years to make Rockdale High School the fine school it is today.
    Many changes have been made since the first class graduated in 1888- - new buildings, better equipment, good library, and modern buildings in the making.  But, our purpose is the same - -to prepare our students for a better and more successful life.
    It is our hope, students of today, that you have had an enjoyable and profitable year, and that you will remember it and cherish it in future years.
                                                                                      Our very best wishes to you,
                                                                                       THE LAIR STAFF
Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1954-1955 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

Rockdale High School - 1955
Dear Rockdale High

Dear Rockdale High, we love they honored name;
Praises to thee we joyfully do sing;
Always to thee we faithful will remain;
And each his loyal honor too will bring,
Dear Rockdale High, thy best, thy earthly friends;
Through stormy paths leads to a joyful end.

Dear Rockdale High, they truth shall ever stand;
And win or lose our honor do uphold;
We shall remember long thy one demand;
To do our best for thee, our friend untold,
Dear Rockdale High, when all thy years are past,
All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.

Rockdale High School Colors:  Blue and Gold
1955 Rockdale, TX ISD School Board
                              The Board of Education  1954-155
Left to Right:  L. L. Keen, E. H. Noack, B. E. Williams, W. C. Grissom -Superintendent,  W. T. Scurlock - President, H. Tyler, A. W. Butts - Secretary, W. L. Hall
                    For your interest and help in our many problems, we thank you.
Superintendent W. C. Grissom
Dear Students:
  The year 1954-1955 marks the year of changes in the Rockdale school system.  Always before the same people attended the same school in about the same manner.  The coming of Alcoa changed the situation.  A new elementary school and a new high school satisfied the demands temporarily.
  The students finishing school now and in the future will enjoy and appreciate the many additional advantages offered by so modern a physical plant.
  The best of everything is my wish for each member of the graduating class of 1955.  It has bee a pleasure to associate with students of such high moral standards.
                                                  W. C. Grissom
                                                  Superintendent of Schools
H. D. Farmer Maxwell - Rockdale, TX High School Principal 1955
To the students and Faculty of R.H.S.
  He who opens this yearbook will find a store of priceless memories .  For him they will never lose their value, but will become more important as years follow years.
  Let this book represent a safari through the jungle of years that hav brought pleasure and enjoyment to those who traveled this parth together.
  May our Cannibal King prove to be a successful guide on this journey.

Gretchen Hartsock, Editor
To My Friends,
    May we congratulate the annual staff and sponsor on a job well done.  Teamwork with proper guidance has been the key-note to your success.  Walter Chrysler said, "the real secret of success is for people to do things because they want to and not because they have to."  He learned the secret of cooperating with other to win success for himself.
    May we congratulate also, the student body to making this annual and this school year a success.
    May you always keep this thought in mind, "There is no Future in any Job, the Future is in the Man."
                                                 Your sincere friend,
                                                 H. D. Maxwell
H. D. Maxwell
RHS Principal
Norman Malechek
Elementary Principal
To the Annual Staff:
    The Annual Staff is to be commended for its excellent work in producing this interesting record of the school year 1954-55 in Rockdale.
    The Elementary grades of our school wish to express their appreciation for being represented in this annual.
                                                         N. C. Malechek
Mrs Bertha McLeod    Mrs Jewel Williams    Mrs Grace Eiland      Mrs R. W. Goble   Mrs Verna Marvin
Second Grade
Mrs Sidney Schaaf    Mrs Edith Stiles     Mrs Carmen Yeager   Mrs W. H. Lawrence   Mrs Myrtle Love
First Grade
Third Grade
Principal Norman Malechek
Mrs Glenn Lumpkins   Miss Katherine Melton  Mrs Bernadine Rinn
Mrs Martha Grissom  Mrs Gladys Maxwell  Mrs Louise Sessions
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Miss Vashti Smith  Miss Margaret Lengert  Mrs Deliah McCoy  Mrs Mildred Petty
These were not our teachers in 1955 -  but they soon would be:
Mr Albert Timmerman   Mrs Ida Jo Marshall        Mr Ernie Lawrence      Mrs Nonnie Blackburn    Mrs Dorothy Luckey
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