Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1955-1956 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

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Thanks to Bruce Holliman for loaning us this Lair
1956 Rockdale High School Lair - Rockdazle, TX
Presented by the
Lair Staff
Rockdale High School
Rockdale, Texas
The Lair
Carolyn Hart Harris, Editor
      Small Doors Open Memories of School Life

Any way you turn, it's doors, doors, doors!  Life is full of them!  Some will open and - others you will close.

The Rockdale School doors will always be open to you who will graduate from one class to the next, and to you who graduate from the high school.

Let your tiger mascot be your guide as you review the months of your 1955-56 school days through the doors of memories.

Sincerely yours,

Carolyn Hart Harris
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
I.         Dedication
II.       Buildings
III.     Administration
IV.      Classes
V.        Personalities
VI.      Hall of Fame
VII.    Sports
VIII.  Organizations
IX.     Highlights
X.      Snapshots
XI.    Advertisements
Ida Jo Marshall

We, the staff of 1955-56, proudly dedicate this edition of the Lair to a person whom we all know and admire.  Through her patience and understanding she has striven to help any who come to her in matters both large and small.  To you, Mrs. Ida Jo Marshall, we dedicate this annual.
Rockdale Junior High School - 1955-56
Rockdale Junior High School gymnasium
FIrst ockdale High School
The Old New Salem building - Rockdale, TX
Rockdale Elementary Building - 1955-56
Campus -- Old
This three-story brick building, erected in 1922, houses the Junior High School.  It contains the principal's office, the elementary library, a darkroom, a book room, and 15 classrooms.

The Senior High School moved from this building in
September, 1955.
First High School building in Rockdale, Texas, erected in 1893, wrecked in 1955.
Through the doors of the gymnasium many students have passed.  It was erected in 1936 and served as lunchroom, gymnasium, auditorium, and coaches' offices for both the high school and elementary school and in 1954 the lunchroom was moved to the new cafetorium in the new elementary building.
The Old New Salem Building will be discontinued after 1957.
This modern building, erected in 1953 is the new elementary building.  It contains the principal's office, 16 classrooms, tax collectors' office, nurse's room, and cafetorium.
Campus -- New
New Rockdale, TX High School - 1955-56
New High School between Hogan Drive and Childress Street on Murray Avenue.

1.  Upstairs - three rooms in the commercial department
     Downstairs - the library
2. Six classrooms, a book room, ladies lounge, nurses' room, principal's office, Board of Education room,
    superintendent's office, secretary's office, and corridors.    
3. Four modern rooms for the homemaking department, and a cafeteria opening onto a spacious patio.
4. Three science rooms, two storage rooms, men's lounge, girls' rest room and boys' rest room.
5. Shop and agriculture building with offices and storage space.
6. Downstairs - Visual aids room, three classrooms, and two rest rooms.
    Upstairs - five big classrooms.
7. The eight hundred seating capacity auditorium with its magnificent stage. 
8. Band hall, directors' office, practice rooms, and equipment room.
9. Modern gymnasium with dressing rooms, rest rooms, and coaches offices.