Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1955-1956 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

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1955-56 Rockdale High School Board of Directors
Board Meets Housing Problems
Left to Right:
E. H. Noack,
Henry Tyler,
A. W. Butts (secretary),
W. T. Scurlock (President)
J. M. Moorman (superintendent),
John Yelverton,
W. L. Hall,
Larry Lowe (resigned),
Brice Crowe (no picture)
Superintendent J. M Moorman
Superintendent's Message
Dear Students:

My sincere best wishes go to those graduating this year.  Rockdale takes great pride in you as a group of well-poised, straight-thinking, cooperative youth.  We will follow your course with profound interest in the future years ahead.  You represent my first graduating class of Rockdale High School

To those remaining, I wish you every success in your school work and offer you my services in making Rockdale Public Schools a pleasant and profitable school experience for you.  My desire is to lead you to discover new horizons in the field of educational achievement.

My prayer for the graduates is for your  lives to be linked with God in service, and to those who remain with us, my prayers shall ever be that God will bless and keep you close to Him, and that you may fully realize that Christian character is developed in the home, the church, and the school.  Rockdale offers all three institutions.
J. M Moorman
Mrs. Joiner, Secretary to Superintendent
It's all in a Day's Job for the Busy Office Staff
Mrs. Louise Joiner
Superintendent's Office workers
Seated Left to Right: Judy Towery, Shirley Williams, Mrs. Louise Joiner, Secretary to Superintendent. 
Standing: Jodie Magness, Polly Perry, Margaret Munoz, Hartense Ellison, Mary Lois Burford, Bessie Buetow, Nell Morton, Sue Rutherford.
H. D. Maxwell
Workers in the RHS Principal's office
H. D. Maxwell
Principal of Rockdale High School
Seated, left to right: LaDonna Tuma, H. D. Maxwell, Principal; Billie Shelton, Barb Chapman, Sandra Wertz.  Standing: Gloria Skopek, June Kirchenwitz, Ruby Jackson, Laverne Lamb, Marilyn Goehler, Glenn Cotton, Jo Johnson,
Edna Wenzel, Melba Mathews.
H. D. Maxwell
Ernie L. Laurence
Norman C. Malechek
H. D. Maxwell
M.Ed., A&M College
Principal of High School
Teaches Geometry
Ernie Laurence
B.S., Rice University
M.S., Baylor University
Principal of Junior High School
Head Basketball Coach
Assistant Football Coach
N. C> Malechek
A.B., Southwestern University
M.A., University of Texas
Principal of Elementary School
Teaches Grade 5A
Gus A. Johnson & Madie Walker
Bus Drivers - 1955-1956
Gus A. Johnson - Tax Collector

Mrs. Madie Walker - Secretary
Behind The Scenes
Bus Drivers:
Ed McCoy
L. M. Kirchenwitz
J. D. Kornegay
C. P. Beard
N. E. Dyer
T. M Alford
Jack Crump
O. I. Cook
RHS Lunchroom Workers - 1955-1956
Lunchroom Workers:
Mrs. Gary
Mrs. Neal
Mrs. Hare
Mrs. Burroughs
Mrs. Gebhart
Mrs. Gilbert
Mrs. Adams
Mrs. Caffey
Mrs. Dittmar
They Make Our Schools Click
RHS Janitors - 1955-1956
Left to right, seated:
Terry McLeod, J. W. Grabein
Standing: D. E. Baxter, Ed McCoy,  H. E. Fischer