Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1956-1957 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965


Students and Faculty of Rockdale High School:
    We, the staff, sincerely hope this yearbook provides you many hours of pleasant memories of the 1956-57 term.
    May you hold this book among one of your treasured memories of school life.
    Let our Tigers lead you through this Lair.
                                           Sincerely yours,
                                           June L. Kirchenwitz
Superintendent J. M. Moorman
    We dedicate this, the 1957 Lair, to a man who is the symbol of leadership.  In both his everyday activities and his forceful, challenging speeches, he has won the respect and friendship of everyone on the campus.
    This man came to Rockdale in 1955.  He has become an integral, essential part of the schools.  He is a man of energy, intelligence and vision, a man with a future that promises to be even greater than his present.  It is an honor to dedicate this annual to the man and the future: 
                    Superintendent J. M. Moorman
Rockdale Junior High School building
Rockdale Elementary School building
New Rockdale High School building
New High School building
facing Murray Avenue
Rockdale Junior High School
Rockdale Elementary School
Grades One thru Five
Rockdale ISD School Board -- 1957
Rockdale ISD School Board
Left to Right:
M. C. Perry
Henry Tyler
John Yelverton
Bill Scurlock
Brice Crow
J. M. Moorman
Ernest Rinn
John T. Richards
J. M. Moorman
Superintendent's Message
Dear Students,
    America needs well-poised, straight thinking, cooperative citizens of a democratic society to cope with a world of natural confusion.  You can create a nation permeated by justice, amity, understanding and cooperation for all; however, you must be prepared.  This preparation must come from your school, your home, and our community.  My greatest hope is that your school can serve as a cornerstone in the building of a happier and more profitable life for each of you.
     I trust that you will be able to say in after years that your school was an important factor in developing in your the ability to think right.  As you think, you act; acts repeated become habits; habits form character; and character determines destiny.
                                                                         Your friend,
                                                                         J. M. Moorman
June Kirchenwitz, Editor
Ernie Laurence, Junior High School Principal
Mr N. C. Malechek, Rockdale Elementary School Principal
H. D. Maxwell, High School Principal
Mr H. D. Maxwell
High School Principal
Math Teacher
Mr Ernie Laurence
Junior High Principal
Asst Football Coach
Mr M. C. Malechek
Elementary Principal
5th Grade Teacher
Albert Timmerman Jr
Allieda Moorman
Alma Doss
Bertha McLeod
Carmen Yeager
Charlie Martin
Deliah McCoy - Miss Dee
Dorothy Luckey
Edith Stiles
Eunice Lawrence
Fredonia Lanning
Gladys Maxwell
Glen Lumpkins
Henrietta Burkes
Ida Jo Marshall
Jewel Williams
Joyce Bayless
Katherine Melton
Kathryne Johnston
Louise Sessions
Maline Caraway
Mildred Petty
Myrtle Love
Nonnie Blackburn
Nonnie Renfroe
Nora Duncum
Patricia Ann Smith
Raymond BIrchfield
SIdney Schaaf
Wannie Miller
N. E. Zeke Alford Jr
Wardie Goble
Grace Eiland
Bernadine Rinn
Margaret Lengert
Nettie Turner
Vashti Smith
   Carmen Yeager                  Edith Stiles                 Sidney Schaaf                 Myrtle Love              Eunice Lawrence
       1st Grade                         1st Grade                      1st Grade                     1st Grade                      1st Grade
    Jewel Williams              Bertha McLeod              Wardie Goble                  Grace Eiland                  Bernadine Rinn
       2nd Grade                     2nd Grade                    2nd Grade                       2nd Grade                       3rd Grade
Katherine Melton             Glen Lumpkins                    Alma Doss                   Louise Sessions               Mildred Petty
     3rd Grade                       3rd Grade                      3rd Grade                      4th Grade                      4th Grade
  Gladys Maxwell             Kathryne Johnston        Patricia Ann Smith              Deliah McCoy             Margaret Lengert
     4th Grade                        4th Grade                Speech Therapist                  5th Grade                     5th Grade
   Nettie Turner                   Vashti Smith              Fredonia Lanning              Nonnie Renfroe           Allieda Moorman
          Art                             6th Grade             Substitute Librarian       Jr. High Math,Soc Sc    Jr. High Lang. Arts
   Charlie Martin              Henrietta Burkes               Joyce Bayless               Zeke Alford Jr           Albert Timmerman
  P.E., Girls Sports         Jr. High Soc. Science        Jr. High  Lang. Arts            Jr. High Math            Voc. Agriculture
    Wannie Miller             Raymond Birchfield          Nonnie Blackburn             Maline Caraway            Nora Duncum
      Head Coach                History,Ass't Coach          H.S. Commercial              H.S. English             H.S. Algebra, History
    Ida Jo Marshall                 Dorothy Luckey                 Betty Jones             Edward Springs           Isabel Moody
        Librarian                          H.S. H.E.                         Physical Ed           H.S. Math,Science             H.S. H.E.
Betty Jones
Edward Springs
Isabel Moody
Kerman Bond
J. E. White -  Biology, Gen Sc.
Gladys Wallis - Spanish
Eleanor Naul - Comm Math, English, Bus Ed
Wilma McCoy
Paul Jenkins
   Wilma McCoy                  Kerman Bond               Paul Jenkins
   H.S. English                         Band                       H.S. Shop
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