Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1957-1958 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

    Have you ever stopped and really taken a good look at your shadow?  Your shadow follows you everywhere.  It reflects your actions, your ways, and most of all your personality.
     If you will follow the shadows throughout these pages, they may reflect the many wonderful times you have had at R.H.S.
The Staff, in editing this 15th edition of The Lair, uses as its theme in 1957-58, "shadows".  "an institution is but the lengthened shadow of all who have been a part of that institution.
                               Errol Robinson, Editor
Errol Robinson, Jo Ann Smith, Mora Duncum, Mike Hight
Students at Rockdale High School - 1957
The Rockdale High School Campus in September, 1957
Dorothy Luckey
     When the shadows of life have lengthened, and the pages of this annual are faded and forgotten, these will still remain in our minds the memories of teh devotion, loyalty, and friendship that this woman has given to the past and present students of Rockdale High School;  therefore, we the Annual Staff of the 1958 Lair dedicate this 15th edition to Mrs Dorothy Luckey.
Dorothy Luckey
Superintendent J. M. Moorman
The Students Speak
Democracy is shown in Action as the Student Committee works with the Administration on school policies.
Many matters occupy the attention of Rockdale students.  They bring their problems, questions, and recommendations to the Superintendent or other faculty members.  They plan new campus projects and report new campus needs.
Nettie Turner, H. D. Farmer Maxwell, Louise Sessions
Sidney Schaaf, Nonnie Renfroe, Nonnie Blackburn
Thirty-four Rockdale teachers received pins on February 24, 1958, for their long and loyal service.
  5-9 years: Myrtle Love, Alma Doss, Nonnie Renfroe, Kathering Melton, Edith Stiles, Wardie Goble,
Sidney Schaaf, Mildred Petty, Glen Lumpkins, Maline Caraway, and Carmern Yeager.
  10-14 years: Nora Duncum, Nonnie Blackburn, Grace Eiland, Dorothy Luckey, Gladys Maxwell, and Vashti Smith.
  10-19 years:  Margaret Lengert, Ida Jo Marshall, Deliah McCoy, Bertha McLeod, and Bernadine Rinn.
  25 or more:  H. D. Maxwell, Louise Sessions, and Nettie Turner were presented, in appreciation for their long and   loyal service, pins set with a chipped diamond.
Loyal Service
"We love teaching in Rockdle," says the family of teachers.
Mrs Nonnie Renfroe, center, and two of her three daughters, Mrs Sidney Schaaf, left, and Mrs Nonnie Blackburn, right, have taught a total of twenty-seven years in the Rockdale Public Schools.
Mrs Nettie Turner, retiring in June, 1958, teaching in Rockdale for thirty-two years.
H. D. Maxwell (farmer) was V.A. Teacher in Rockdale Schools for twenty-one years, and for four years he has been Principal of R.H.S.
Mrs Louise Sessions began teaching in Rockdale in 1921 and has taught continuously in Rockdale for thirty-seven years.
Board of Education
M. C. Moe Perry
Brice Crow
E. H. Ernest Rinn
Dr John T. Richards
W. T. Scurlock Jr
Henry Tyler
W. H. Walter Holliman
W. T. Scurlock Jr.                             Henry Tyler                                E. H. Rinn                          Dr John T Richards
     M. C. Perry                                   Brice Crow                            W. H. Holliman
E. A. Attaway, Ernie Laurence, H. D. Maxwell
   A. E. Attaway                    Ernie Laurence                     H. D. Maxwell
     Elementary                        Junior High                         High School
Teacher Association  1958
Rockdale P. T. A. 1958
Seated - Left to Right: Treasurer, William Boggus; President, S. P. Cowan; Second Vice-President, Mrs. H. H. Hill; Third Vice-President, Joe E. Carr.  Standing: Parliamentarian, Mrs Alma Doss; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Margaret Lengert; Historian, Mrs. L. C. Mehaffey; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Billy R. Liles.
1. Two hundred present at first meeting.  Drive netted 409 new members.
2 Teachers an dpupils presented well-prepared and interesting programs.  Excellent speakers.
       Dr. A. C. Murphy, head of Extension Divison U.T.;
       State Senator Jarrand Secrest; and
       Emery B. Camp, Jr.
       Sr. High Band under direction of Mr. Grusendort - Christmas program.
3. Halloween  Carnival raised about $1200.00
Votes to spend: $400 in Elem. School on 2 jungle gyms, wooden seats around 2 trees on playground, 2 record players
     for use in music interest and risers to be used in school programs for Elem. And Jr. High.
5. On Feb. 17, the National P. T. A. celebrated its 61st birthday.

Mrs. H. D. Maxwell, Mr Cowan, others attending third annual conference of the 20th District Texas P.T.A. In Hearne
     April 17 to 19th.
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Bernadine Rinn
Bertha McLeod
Deliah McCoy - Miss Dee
Edith Stiles
Eunice Lawrence
Glen Lumpkins
Alma Doss
Grace Eiland
Wardie Goble
Carmen Yeager
Valma Fischer
Katherine Melton
Katherine Johnston
Jewel Williams
Myrtle Love
Gladys Maxwell
Louise Sessions
Sidney Schaaf
Mildred Petty
Elementary Teachers
Margaret Lengert
  Carmen Yeager                     Edith Stiles                 Sidney Schaaf                    Myrtle Love           Bertha McLeod
    Grace Eiland                  Jewel Williams               Wardie Goble
      Alma Doss                         Katherine Melton           Bernadine Rinn              Glen Lumpkins
    Gladys Maxwell                Louise Sessions              Kathryne Johnston            Mildred Petty
     Valma Fischer                  Eunice Lawrence                Deliah McCoy              Margaret Lengert
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