Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1958-1959 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

   The year 1958-1959 has come to an end as a school year.  To many of us, there are memories of the past four years. To others there are memories of twelve years spent together.  The years ahead hold the promise of our future.  Advance!  I say, Advance!
   The time spent in Rockdale Schools, in studying, going to classes, partying after the games, talking with our classmates...all these are things that none of us want to forget.
   In order that we may remember these, the LAIR Staff has tried to collect and preserve in Volume XVI many memories we do not want time to obliterate.
                                                                                        Johnny Moorman
Mrs Louise Joiner
Board of Education  1958-1959
   The 1959 Lair is dedicated to the most worthy lady in the Rockdale Public Schools.   Through her everyday activities she has won the respect and admiration  of everyone.  She is never too busy to stop and lend a helping hand.
    The Rockdale Faculty and students will remember this lady as an efficient and integral part of our schools.  She has been a part of the past and will continue to be a part of the future of Rockdale Schools.
    She is the most conscientious secretary a superintendent ever had.  It is an honor to try to write this dedication to Mrs Louise Joiner.
                                                                   J. M. Moorman
W. T. Scurlock Jr.
Brice Crow
M. C. Perry
Johnny Ralston
W. H. Holliman
Henry Tyler
Dr J. T. Richards
W. T. Scurlock Jr                            Brice Crow                                    M. C. Perry                                 Johnny Ralston
    President                                    Secretary
    W. H. Holliman                              Henry Tyler                                Dr. J. T. Richards
                                                  Superintendent's Message
Dear Seniors:
May I wish you, my first four-year graduating class in Rockdale, God's speed as you leave us this year.  You represent a fine group of young people who have been straight-thinking and cooperative throughout the past four years.  I hope that you will continue to be discriminating and selective in the years ahead and that you will join hands wit your Creator and strive for the highest this world has to afford.
    May I leave you with this parting thought:  "You don't have to tell how you live each day.  You don't have to say if you work or you play.  A tried, true barometer serves in the place.  However you live it shows in your face."
                                                                                                  J. M. Moorman
Louise Joiner
Sadie Butts
Mrs Louise Joiner,
Mrs Sadie Butts, Bookkeeper
J. M. Moorman
E. L. Davenport
                                       Principal's Message
    In Rockdale High School I have encountered a student body that is capable of attaining almost any goal which it may set for itself.  I only hope you have learned as much from me as I have learned from you, and that I have made as favorable an impression on you as you have on me.
    May you continue to increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
                                                                         E. L. Davenport
Principal E. L. Davenport and his 1959 RHS office staff
Mr Davenport
and his office group
New Rockdale High School 1959
Terry McLeod
Harry E. Fischer
   We are proud of our new $800,000 high school building , completed in 1955-56.  It is composed of the administrative wing, music hall, gymnasium, auditorium, science laboratories, shop, and classrooms.  There are miles of hall to travel , and many offices to visit.
   By day, it is the center of learning; by night, the year around, other educational activities are carried on. 
Our Faithful Maintenance Men
Whatever needs to be repaired, Mr Harry Fischer tries to repair it.
The buildings and grounds are kept in tip-top shape by Mr Terry McLeod and Mr Fischer
Rockdale Junior High Faculty
William Bill Grusendorf
Dixie Davenport
Henrietta Burkes, Valma Fischer
Fredonia Lanning, Alleida Moorman
Marcus Twitty, Jo Ann Voskamp
Charlie Martin, Vashti Smith
Ernie Laurence, N. E. Alford Jr
                                Ernie Laurence           N. E. Alford Jr.          Marcus Twitty             Jo Ann Voskamp
                                    Principal                      Math                    Language Arts                   Science
  Henrietta Burkes         Valma Fischer           Fredonia Lanning        Alleida Moorman
         Science                Language Arts                Librarian               Social Studies
   Charlie Martin           Vashti Smith         William Grusendorf     Dixie Davenport
    Math, Sports           Language Arts                  Band              Math, World History
Rockdale Junior High Campus
Rockdale Junior High School gymnasium 1959
Rockdale Junior High library 1959
Rockdale Junior High playground 1959
Rockdale Junior High classroom 1959
We learn good citizenship
Cooperation is necessary in a good game
We read to learn
The students work, play and entertain in this spacious gymnasium
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