Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1959-1960 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

                                                 Editor's Message
    What is an Editor's job?  It is to produce a good yearbook, but the editor can never do it alone.  He must have the help and the co-operation of the student body, faculty, the staff, and especially, the advisors.
    My thanks to all these people - I give my special thanks to Patricia Hart for producing the plan for nearly all of the pages in this book.
    The dummy is finished; the staff is gone.  We hope you will enjoy this book - The Lair - produced for you.
                                                                         Andy Knight
W. T. Scurlock
              Mr. W. T. Scurlock - President of the Board of Education
Why do we dedicate the Lair to you?
Because you have given much time to the youth - at times not a very rewarding occupation.
Because you helped to give us a physical plant we can appreciate.
Because you helped to provide good educators such as our administrators and teachers.
Because you were there when the school needed you most, we give to you the most precious gift we have to offer - the dedication of a year of work, a year or memories.
Mr Scurlock, we dedicate our book to you.
In Memory of
Mrs Nonnie Renfroe
Nonnie Thomas Renfroe
    In the evening of life, when sunset drifts slowly into the peaceful after-glow, night is gentle and even kind.  For there comes in the gloaming years the discovery that the beloved who have gone on before are more in numbers than those who remain behind.
    Thus it was that the spirit of Mrs Nonnie Renfroe slipped quietly over the border into Yonderland, confident and unafraid.
    Mrs Renfroe was a womanly woman, but hers were stout loyalty, deep affection, and unabated courage.  Again and again she met sorrow and tragedy and accepted them with unimpaired faith in the providence of God.  In that unshakable faith, bereavement softened her sympathy, enlarged her understanding and set her face toward the last eager adventure which claims her now.
    The administrators and teachers of Rockdale Public Schools have lost a loyal teacher and a wise counselor.  The many boys and girls of the school have lost a consecrated teacher, a teacher amazingly considerate and amazingly aware to stresses  and problems surmounted  and achievements attained - often because of her tactful interest and suggestion.
    Thus is severed a lovely link with the history of the Rockdale Public Schools.  Behind are left abiding memories which grow the fonder now, high traditions of dedication and fidelity come down from the labors of great and kindly spirits and the gracious consolation of the thought that a devoted teacher has walked in our midst.
                                                                                    Ida Jo Marshall
W T Scurlock accepts the Nonnie Thomas Renfroe Scholarship from Lynn Motheral
Mr W. T. Scurlock accepts the Nonnie Thomas Renfroe Scholarship presented by Miss Lynn Motheral , the granddaughter of Mrs Renfroe.
W. T.
Brice Crow
M.C. Perry
The 1959-60 Rockdale TX ISD Board of Education
    M. C. Perry                  Brice Crow              W. T. Scurlock
  Vice President                Secretary                   President
The Board of Education , 1959-60
Below, Left to Right: 
J. M Moorman, Superintendent,; W. H. Holliman; Henry Tyler; Brice Crow; W. T. Scurlock; 
Johnny Ralston; M. C. Perry;  Dr. J. T. Richards
J. M. Moorman
                   A Message from Superintendent J. M. Moorman
    Your days at Rockdale High School are full of experiences - many of which are recorded in the Lair.  May these experiences better fit you for the future community responsibilites as active participating citizens of a progressive community.
    The basic skills of learning have been yours to acquire within the halls of Rockdale Schools.  Those skills are vividly in the background of the activities portrayed in this Lair.
    The faculty of the Rockdale Public Schools is worthy of your respect and admiration.  They have done their best to help you grow in unity, strength, and effectiveness as individual members of your school.
    To the Class of 1960 - never stop learning, for when you do, you may as well stop living.
    I commend the Lair Staff and its Sponsor for a fine piece of work in this 1960 Lair. Thanks to you for a job well done.
                                                           J. M. Moorman
They Make the Wheels Go'Round
E. L. Davenport
Gus Johnson
Ida Jo Marshall
Madie Walker
Ernie Laurence
Joyce Bayless
A. E. Attaway
J. M. Moorman
Louise Joiner
Sadie Butts
  J. M. Moorman                E. L. Davenport            Ernie Laurence                 A. E. Attaway                   Ida Jo Marshall
  Superintendent                 HS Principal                JHS Principal             Elementary Principal               HS Librarian
   Joyce Bayless                   Gus Johnson                   Madie Walker                 Sadie Butts                      Louise Joiner
      Counselor                Tax Assessor/Collector           Secretary                     Bookkeeper                       Secretary
E. L. Davenport
                                         The Principal's Message

The gifts shown in this picture are but one example of your generosity.  As highly as I value these, I value your co-operation as students and faculty, your interest, industry and sincerity even more.  I consider myself a very important man because I have the opportunity of working with all of you.
                                                                    E. L. Davenport
1960 High School Principal Office Group
                   Office Group
Left to right, Standing:
Shannon Carter, Marlene Lanford, Sally Ellis, Carolyn Pennington,
Anna Stephens, Beverly Griggs,
Marie Sefcik, Linda Key,
Barbara King, and Grace Marshall.
Seated: Clara Pauline Kirby and
Mr. Davenport
Rockdale Junior High School Faculty
Henrietta Burkes, Dixie Davenport
Ernie Laurence, N. E. Alford Jr
Valma Fischer, Fredonia Lanning
Charlie Martin, Alleida Moorman
Vashti Smith, Marcus Twitty, Jo Voskamp
Ernie Laurence - Principal
N. E. Alford Jr - Math
Valma Fischer - Language Arts
Fredonia Lanning - Librarian
Henrietta Burkes - Science
Dixie Davenport - Math & Social Studies
Charlie Martin - Math, P.E., Sports
Alleida Moorman - Social Studies
Vashti Smith - Social Studies
Marcus Twitty - Language Arts
Jo Voskamp - Science
1960 Junior High School Assembly
Entire 6th, 7th, and 8th grade assembly for presenting trophies and awards
1960 Rockdale Junior High School Science Fair winners
These Junior High Students were First and Second winners at the Science Fair
Virginia Starr, Candy Valverde, Vashti Smith, Henrietta Burkes
Groups, such as these, are familiar scenes on the
Junior High Campus.
1960 RJHS Twirlers
Judy Dyer, Cheri McGlothlin, Beth Whiteley, Connie Roberson, Rosemary Cumbie, Jan Parmelee, Mary Thompson, June Dyer
1960 RJHS Cheerleaders
Rockdale Junior High School Twirlers
Rockdale Junior High School Cheerleaders
Terry Armstrong
Diane Weems
Jan Whitmire
Kathy Self
Sharon Carnes
1960 Rockdale Junior High School Football Team
First Row:  Ronnie Finch, Dickie Summers, L. B. Kubiak, Gary Holliman, Gordon Parker,
Johnny Hirt, Barry Tesh, Art Copie Perry. 
Second Row: Ronnie Menn, Don Cumbie, Petie Clark, Billy Ogea, Manual Garza,
Ernest Munoz, George Martinez, William Seelke, Eugene Grubbs, Mgr. 
Top Row: Mike Liles, Ernie W. Laurence, Clint Kent, Amon Muston, Ben Valverde,
Nathan Baker, Garry Holmes, Robert Urban.
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