Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1960-1961 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX ISD

1961 Lair Rockdale TX RISD Board of Trustees
Rockdale ISD Board of Trustees
"The School Board and Mr Moorman pause from their work long enough to have a picture made:  Superintendent J. M. Moorman, Henry Tyler, W. P. Hogan,
M. C. Perry, Brice Crow, Don Roddam, J. G. Ralston, Dr. J. T. Richards"
"The main aim of this board is to improve the instructional program of the Rockdale Public School System.  The physical improvements made under this board include black–topping the east parking lot, gravel–topping the football parking lot, and building the bus storage shed"
1961 Lair Rockdale TX W. T. Scurlock
1961 Lair Rockdale TX - Ms D - Deliah McCoy
In Memoriam
With profound sorrow, the Board of Trustees of the Rockdale Independent School District recorded the death of W. T. Scurlock, Jr., President and Senior Member of the Board, Friday, July 22, 1960.
His vision, courage and leadership made it possible for the Rockdale Independent School District to accomplish a growth far beyond that of other districts of comparable size within our state.
His foresight, sound judgment and untiring efforts merited our highest esteem, and his engaging personality, his keen sense of humor and his consideration for and understanding of others endeared him to all of us.
The monument to the life of this distinguished citizen will live on for years to come in the lives of the youth of this community
W. T. Scurlock, Jr.,
"We, the staff, dedicate the 1961 Lair to Mrs. Deliah McCoy as she completes her last of so many years of teaching, 19 of them in the Rockdale School System.  She is remembered with love by her students to whom she devoted much time and energy."
Mrs Deliah McCoy
1961 Lair Rockdale TX J. M. Moorman
1961 Lair Rockdale TX E. L. Davenport
"Dear Seniors:
If I had the ability to express my true feelings to you in writing I would tell you in glowing words how much I think of you as individuals and as a group of lovable seniors.  I would at the same time tell you how much you have meant to the Rockdale Public School and to me individually.
I would admonish you to do the following things:  to choose the highest values in life; to be God's partner; to give of your best at all times; to stand upright on your own feet; to learn how to live in the present and to fill each day with eternal values.  I would tell you to live the abundant life and to pack into every moment, every hour, and every day everlasting meaning.
Learning to do the above mentioned things is a continuous process.  Never stop learning for when you stop learning you stop living.
Sincerely, J. M. Moorman"
"Dear Students:
I sincerely hope that the members of the student body, and of the Annual Staff, in particular, will always meet their responsibilities with the same punctuality and efficiency with which they have produced this excellent record of the school year of 1960–1961 in Rockdale High School.
Sincerely, E. L. Davenport, Principal
1961 Lair Rockdale TX Sadie Butts & Louise Joiner
1961 Lair Rockdale TX custodians
1961 Lair Rockdale TX Tax Office Gus Johnson & Madie Walker
Mr Gus
"Mr Johnson and Mrs Walker, who we find in the tax office at the elementary school, keep tab on all school taxpayers
1961 Lair Rockdale TX cafetorium
"Delicious lunches are prepared for the elementary and junior high school students by these ladies in the cafetorium at the elementary school"
Mrs Gary, Mrs Grubbs, Mrs Dittmar, unknown, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Burroughs
Mrs Madie
"In the person of Mrs Sadie Butts and Mrs Louise Joiner are represented a force very necessary to keeping the school going.  Officially Mrs Butts holds the title of Bookkeeper of the Rockdale Public School System and Mrs Joiner holds the title of Secretary of the Rockdale Public School System.  Actually, besides keeping all the books of the school and doing all the paper work, they serve RHS students every day in various activities from arranging appointments with Mr Moorman to selling postage stamps"
"The elementary and junior high custodians keep the buildings in running order."
Mr Grabein, unknown, Mr McCoy
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Junior High School Faculty
1961 Lair Rockdale TX  Junior High Faculty
Mr Ernie Laurence

Mr. N. E. Alford, Jr.

Mrs E. J. Burks
Mrs Jim Lanning

Mrs Glen Lumpkins
Language Arts

Mrs J. M. Moorman
Social Science
Mrs Dixie Davenport
Math – Social Studies

Mrs Walter Fischer
Language Arts

Mrs Lois Knight
Language Arts
Miss Vashti Smith
Social Studies

Mr Duane Vincent
Math – Coach

Mrs Earl Voskamp