Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1962 Lair Rockdale TX 1962 RISD Board of Trustees
1962 RISD Board of Trustees
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1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Nora Duncum
Lair Staff
Bonnie Tucker, Patsy Miller, Diana Whiteley, Nancy Mehaffey, Sue Sexton, Mary Ann Mirales, Shirley Dockall, John Franklin, Patricia Hart,
Sharon Haelbig, Miss Duncum
"To you, Miss Duncum, who has understood, assisted, and encouraged the Lair staff for many years, we would like to say that we will always remember you for your untiring efforts and sincere loyalty you have demonstrated throughout this year.  We shall never forget you."
Miss Nora Duncum, Sponsor
"The Board of Education Plans Ahead"
"The Rockdale Public School's Board of Education serves well at a job which demands sacrifice of time and the ability and courage to make a decision and stick by it.  The members render this civic service unselfishly and receive no salary for their time.  Their constant aim is to provide Rockdale with the finest in education.  These prominent citizens have fulfilled their duties to the taxpayers and have maintained a policy of continuous improvement in our school facilites and instructional aids."
J. M. Moorman, Henry Tyler, W. P. 'Red" Hogan, M. C. Perry – President, Brice Crow, Don Roddam, Johnny Ralston, and Dr. J. T. Richards
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Superintendent J. M. Moorman
"Dear Seniors,
Developing responsible behavior is the keystone of citizenship education in our democratic society.  No society can long remain free if future citizens are not adequately prepared and willing to accept responsibility.  Responsible behavior is so important to our society and to the individual until the school must make a place in its program for the fourth "R",
The Rockdale High School has sought to create an atmosphere whereby students could become involved in  planning and decision making.  Our concept of democratic administration recognizes the importance of student participation in a variety of school projects.  We pledge our energy and patience to improve ourselves in developing responsible behavior in our students.
J. M. Moorman"
J. M. Moorman
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Principal Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin,Principal
"To The Student Body:
It is my earnest desire that the students of 1961–62 continue to be thoughtful and loyal to your school as you have been in the past.  It has been a wonderful experience working with you.  I wish you continued success and happiness in the future.
Charlie Martin"
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Mrs Butts & Mrs Joiner
"These secretaries of our school fill an important function in the efficient operations of our school offices.  Upon their shoulders fall the task of keeping record cards up–to–date, answering students' questions, greeting guests, answering the many phone calls and keeping everyone posted on the routine of the school  Often it means giving of extra time to fulfill their job."
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Mrs White
Mrs Butts
Mrs Joiner
"Mrs White, secretary to High School Principal Charlie Martin, is a great help to the students and faculty"
Mrs White
"Mr Johnson and Mrs Walker are the Tax Assessors for the Public School of Rockdale"
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Mrs Gebhart & Mrs Adams
1962 Lair Rockdale TX Elementary Cafetorium
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Custodians
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Custodians
Mrs Gebhart & Mrs Adams
Mr McLeod & Mr Fischer
Mr Grabein, unknown, Mr McCoy
Mrs Grubbs, Mrs Burroughs, Mrs Dittmar, Mrs Sefcik, Mrs Gary, Mrs Caffey
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Tax Office
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Faculty
1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Faculty
Mrs Fred Bayless
Mr Raymond Birchfield
Mrs Gail Lundy
Mrs Ida Jo Marshall
Mrs Nonnie Blackburn
Mrs Maline Caraway
Mr Bob Martin
Mr Burk McGreevy
Mr Edward Cook
Mrs Lohma Davis
Mr Bennie Sessums
Mr Albert Timmerman Jr
Miss Nora Duncum
Mr Bill Grusendorf
Mrs Ascenia Underwood
Mr Tom Underwood
Miss Ruth Kirk
Miss Margaret
Mr Leroy Lorenz
Mrs Irene Weydell
Mr J. E. White
Miss Marilyn
Practice Teacher
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"This is our school!  We are proud to be a part of it!
Each little event added to the big moments makes our school life an industrious and happy one.  Taking part in many activities, attending the various dances, and watching the mighty eleven fight on the gridiron are just a few of the many memories we wish to recall.
With the sincere wish that each of you will find among these pages something special - something you will remember for a long time - we give you the
                              1961-62 Lair
Patricia Hart, Editor"
1961-1962 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX ISD

1962 Lair Rockdale TX RHS Lair staff Nancy Mehaffey