Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1962-1963 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX ISD

Lair Staff   1962–1963
1963 RHS Lair editor Nancy Mehaffey Rockdale TX
1963 RHS Lair Staff Rockdale TX
Nancy Mehaffey
"Within the pages of this book we have recorded some of the memorable events of the 1962–1963 school year.  We feel that this year has been an exceptional one.  Throughout the years, the spirit of the student body has upheld the traditions of Rockdale High School.
It is the hope of the Lair staff
that in the years to come, this book will serve as a reminder of the efforts and accomplishments of the members of our school.
Nancy Mehaffey"
Lair Staff
George Weems, Shirley Abbott, activities; Helen Dittmar, business manager; Jay Parmelee, sports; Janice Ellis, sports; Nancy Oldham, Jr. High; Garry Holms, Stelly Munoz, art; Delores Munoz, Lewis Head, Mr Derrett, advisor; Linda Lewis; Nancy Mehaffey, editor; Janis Yezak, organizations; Wenda Jo Dyer
J. M. Moorman
Charlie Martin
"Dear Seniors:
Your school experiences will soon be completed in the Rockdale High School.  How well you have adapted yourself to the problems of life will be very important as you leave us to pursue other fields of endeavor.
We hope we have inspired you to acquire and retain useful and pertinent
information of a factual nature and that you have reached a level of understanding, application and performance commensurate with your ability.
How effective our program of teaching has been will be reflected in how well you relate yourself to the tasks ahead.  We hope you pursue the tasks with diligence and perseverance.
My very best wishes to the Class of 1963.  Never stop learning.
I commend the Lair Staff and its Sponsor for a job well done.  Thanks to all of you.
J. M. Moorman"
This 1962–63 school year has been a most pleasant one for me.  The cooperation, attitude and interests of this student body have been most satisfying.  It is my hope that each of you will continue to grow and develop into better and better American citizens.  I would like for all of you to remember that a good eductaion is the world's best investment.
Charlie Martin"
"The School Board devotes many hours to the Rockdale Public Schools.  They see that we students have adequate facilities, well trained teachers and up to date curriculum.  The members from left to right are:
J. M. Moorman, W. P. Hogan, Henry Tyler, Brice Crow, M. C. Perry – President, J. G, Ralston, Glenn Hodges, Dr. J. T. Richards "
1963 Lair Mrs Sadie Butts and Mrs Louise Joiner
1963 RHS Lair Mrs Gebhart and Mrs Adams
1963 Lair Mr Fischer and Mr McLeon
Mrs Louise Joiner
Mrs Sadie Butts
:Rockdale School's dedicated secretaries make a necessary contribution to the operation of the Rockdale Public Schools"
"These ladies, Mrs Gebhart and Mrs Adams, work hard to prepare the meals that are served in our lunchroom.  We are grateful for thse ladies who work long hours to provide us with good meals."
"Mr Fischer and Mr McLeod are our high school custodians.  They are the ones who keep our building clean.  We appreciate their devotion to our school"
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Joyce Bayless & Raymond Birchfield
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Nonnie Blackburn & Maline Caraway
Mrs Joyce Bayless
B.S., E.T.S.C.
Mr Raymond Birchfield
M.E., E.T.S.C.
Mrs Nonnie Blackburn
B.S., S.W.S.T.C.
Mrs Maline Caraway
M.E., North Texas
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Eddie Cook
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Lohma Davis, D. H. Derrett, Bill Grusendorf
Mr Eddie Cook
B.A. Marshall College, WV
Mrs Lohma Davis
B.S., S.W.T.S.C.
Mr D. H. Derrett
B.A., Texas Univ
Mr Bill Grusendorf
B.M.E., T.C.U.
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Ruth Kirk, Leroy Lorenz, Gail Lundy
Miss Ruth Kirk
B.A., Texas Univ
Mr Leroy Lorenz
B.S., S.W.T.S.T.C.
Mrs Gail Lundy
B.S., E.T.S.C.
Mrs Ida Jo Marshall
M.E., Texas Univ
Mr Bob Martin
B.S., Nebraska S.T.C.
Mr Burke McGreevy
M.E., Texas Univ
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Albert Timmerman Jr, Ascenia Underwood, Tom Underwood
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Ida Jo Marshall, Bob Martin, Burke McGreevy
Mr Albert Timmerman Jr
M.E.,  Texas A&M
Mrs Ascenia Underwood
B.A.,  Baylor
Mr Tom Underwood
B.A., T.C.U.
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Irene Weydell
1963 Lair Rockdale TX J. E. White, Don Whitmore
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Margaret Lengert
Mrs Irene Weydell
M.A., T.S.C.W.
Mr J. E. White
M.A., S.H.S.T.C.
Mr Don Whitmore
M.S., U of New Mexico
Miss Margaret Lengert
M.A., Texas Univ
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Mrs Scurlock
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Mozelle White
1963 Lair Rockdale TX Mr Johnson and Mrs Walker
"Mrs Scurlock is the secretary for Rockdale Elementary Schools.  She does much to make Mr. Ball's job easier"
"Mrs Walker and Mr Johnson collect the school taxes"
"Mrs White has spent much time in helping Mr Martin run the High School  In addition to this she is always ready to help any student in any way she can.  Her assistants are Pat Rutherford, Darlene Cumbie, Susan Purdom, Linda Miller, and Judy Ostendorf."
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