Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1963-1964 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale TX ISD

J. M. Moorman - 1964 RISD Superintendent Rockdale TX
"You, the graduates of 1964, are opening a new era, a new age, and a new future.  You are entering a period of life with new ideas, new concepts, and challenging problems that mankind knew nothing of 25 years ago.  Permit me to say, "There is no room for mediocrity' where this new venture leads you.  Since the course is unchartered, how far you go depends on your determination and perseverance.
Identify yourselves with Christian people; those who fear God and love Him enough to do His will.  You can't go wrong if you always place God first in your life.
J. M. Moorman"
Charlie Martin - 1964 RHS Principal Rockdale TX
"The 1963–64 school year has been a year of progress.  This progress is the result of the cooperative spirit of the student body, faculty, administration, and community.
We have had good leadership from our Seniors and our hope is that this leadership will pass on to the next Senior Class, and that progress will become our school motto.
Continued success to each member of our student body  si the wish of the faculty and administration,
Chrlie Martin"
1964 RISD Board of Trustees Rockdale TX
The 1964 RISD Board of Trustees
RISD Board members (L to R):
J. M. Moorman, Superintendent
W. P. Red Hogan
Henry Tyler
Brice Crow
M. C. Perry
Glenn Hodges
J. G. Ralston Jr.
Dr. John T. Richards
The School Board is a keystone in the Rockdale School System.  These men devote many hours to see that all runs smoothly,
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Joyce Bayless - Raymond Birchfield
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Nonnie Blackburn - Maline Caraway
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Eddie Cook
Joyce Bayless
M.E., E.T.S.C.
Raymond Birchfield
M.E., E.T.S.C.
Nonnie Blackburn
B.S., S.W.S.T.C.
Maline Caraway M.E., North Texas
         Eddie Cook
B.A. Marshall College, WV
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Lohma Davis - D. H. Derrett - Bill Grusendorf - Ruth Kirk - Margaret Lengert - Leroy Lorenz
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Ida Jo Marshall - Bob Martin
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX  - Eleanor Naul - Burk McGreevy
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Gladys Maxwell
1964 RHS Teachers Rockdale TX - Nona Smith - Albert Timmerman Jr - Ascenia Underwood - Tom Underwood - J. E. White - Don Whitmore
1964 RHS Cusodians - Mr Dickey, Terry McLeod, Nick Dyer
1964 RHS Cafeteria workers - Mr Walker, Mrs Gebhart, Mrs Adams
    Lohma Davis
  D. H. Derrett
M.A., Texas Univ
Bill Grusendorf
B.M.E., T.C.U.
Ida Jo Marshall
M.E., Texas Univ
       Bob Martin
B.S., Nebraska S.T.C.
     Ruth Kirk
B.A., Texas Univ
Margaret Lengert
M.A., Texas Univ
   Leroy Lorenz
B.S., S.W.T.S.T.C.
      Eleanor Naul
B.A., S. Louisiana S.C.
  Burk McGreevy
M.E., Tesxas Univ
     Nona Smith
     B.S., & V.H.E.
Mary Hardin Baylor
Albert Timmerman
     M.E., A&M
Ascenia Underwood
     B.A., Baylor
Tom Underwood
    B.A., T.C.U
   J. E. White
M.A., S.H.S.T.C.
Don Whitmore
M.A. Univ.N.M.
Gladys Maxwell
B.A., S.H.S.T.C.
"Part of the reason our building is so attractive and well kept is that Mr. Dickey, Mr. McLeod, and Mr. Dyer work long hours accomplishing it.  They know many trades, from plumbing to painting, and use them frequently."
"Mrs Gebhart and Mrs Adams plan and prepare each meal served in the R.H.S. lunchroom.  They work hard and deserve thanks.  Mr Walker assists the ladies at lunch."
1964 RHS Junior Class Officers, Fred Woodward, Coy Doss, Terry Lequire Armstrong, Wayne Gus Goodman
Fred Woodward  – President
Wayne Goodman – Vice President
Terry Lequire – Secretary
Coy Doss – Treasurer
Junior Class Officers
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