September 7, 2009
I appreciate the invitation to attend your class' forty-fifth reunion but due to a commitment I have that weekend, I will be unable to do so.  Even though I have been gone from Rockdale for forty-three years, I am sure I would remember some of you who will be there.  I have attended all of my own class reunions and they have really been enjoyable and fun.  I am very sure that all of you who will be present for the occasion will really have a great time.  Certainly I wish that that will be the case.  Again I thank you for thinking of me and extending the invitation.
Mr.  (Robert) Downtain
931 Shady Creek Lane
Bedford, TX 76021-4242

September 7, 2009
Dear Dale and Class of 1965,
What a pleasant surprise to be invited to the 45th Reunion of the Class of 1965.  You 'kids' can't be that old!  Age does have a way of creeping up.  After all, I am almost 91, been in this Nursing Home four years, live mostly in my wheelchair, but stay as active as possible.  In fact, I would have tried to get to one of the functions of your reunion, but it is on the same week-end as the wedding of my last, single grandson.  I am very involved in it and must not be missing that week-end.  How I would have enjoyed seeing all of you again!
My two boys, Bob and Dan, both live here.  Dan just retired in July and moved here.  Bob is still teaching for the Texas A&M University System.  Their wives are a sheer joy to me.
Thank you so much for remembering me with your invitation.  Have a great reunion and enjoy every minute.
My love to all,
(Mrs) Valma Fischer
2333 Manor Dr
Room 322
Bryan, TX 77802

September 8, 2009 
How very pleased Don would have been to get your invitation.  He loved his time teaching at Rockdale.  I have great memories of friends and our time there.
Don passed away in May of 06.  And he is missed so deeply.  Thank you for remembering him.
(Mrs) Mary Whitmore
3010 Oakhurst
Denton, TX 76210

...I'm in the Class of 1969...  We are having our 40th reunion in a few weeks.  Your class website is awsome.  I enjoyed checking out old archives/updates of persons I knew from your class.  I also have retained some archives/memorabilia from our high school years.  Our class just needs collect, scan, and publish on a website for all to enjoy like this one.
Gregory Weiss

This is really awesome.  I enjoy looking at what is going on with my classmates and friends and enjoyed reading the comments... Keep up the work and I will check on it from time to time.  Didn't go into it for very long.
Mary Helen Garza Ortega
Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
Comments from Friends
We would love to hear from all friends who have visted our site. 
Please click HERE to send us an email and let us know about you.
It's a great way to keep in touch.
I'm envious. The website is terrific. I wish every class had a site like this.  Eventually, you might want to put a link on the Milam County Genealogy site. You already have a lot of history (obits, etc.).
It would be great if you would describe the software on the site and encourage other classes to do what you have done. This is a great idea.     
Peggy Wright
...I am impressed. Guess when you retire you have  time to do all of these fun things. Looking at the website brings back a  lot of old memories... I am still working for probably a couple of more  years. Don't go to Rockdale very often but saw your website url in the Reporter.
Your old Friend
Roy Muston
Wonderful website.  Someone put a huge amount of time and love into this.  I graduated RHS Class of 1969 and would love to see our class have a website like this.  Unfortunately I don't have the skills to tackle something like this. 
Charisse Golden
This has been a wonderful experience looking "back".  Many memories and it would be wonderful for each class to have a site like this.  I am too computer illerate to do such but know someone could. My cousin Shirley McIrvin sent it to me and I have seen people I had totally forgotten about.
June Kirchenwitz Key 1957
David, his son David Jr., and I, Jesus have been looking at your website. You have done a great job and it was fun, as well as informative about those we grew up with in Rockdale.
David was more than impressed of all the information that was in your website. Sure would be nice if the RHS Class of 1966 would develope a site like yours. Tell your wife Ginger I said hi and wish you and your family the best.
If you have time you can find some info on me under Jesus Baca or Jesse Baca. One site is a NYPD Officer who is also a friend of Frank Serpico.
Sincerely, Yours
Jesus Baca Sr.
My mom Pam (Martin) Strobo (deceased) graduated in 1968!! I found this website and was surprised to see a HS picture of her!! Thanks for adding it! I hadn't seen pictures like this in years and it brought a smile to my face! She would have loved to seen this website!!
Christina Strobo
Are you the one that created the rhsclassof1965 website?  It is amazing.  I've spent the last few hours wandering all through your site.  It is wonderful!
On your page of obits of 1964 graduates, I thought you might want to include a link to my webpage of photos from the Vietnam Memorial ...
Thanks for the memories,
Jerrianne Fuller Evans
RHS Class of 1964
Update received from Ms Melonie Simpson Stringer - 2009-08-22
After teaching Home Economics at Rockdale in 1965, I married a career military man.  I taught and substituted in Germany, Arizona, Italy, and Killeen, Texas.  At the end of my teaching career, I was Head of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Harker Heights High. I now enjoy painting and taking cooking clases and have a small home catering business. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Jerrianne Fuller Evans shared your website with Rob Peterson who sent it to me.  I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed browsing it.  I intend to look some more, but wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your creating something like this.  Hope you don't mind, but I've e-mailed it to all my classmates who have e-mail from the class of 1962.  I share information with all of them when someone comes up with something.
I was between you and Shirley in school.  I've been in Houston pretty much since 1962, leaving for three years the 80's when I moved to Dallas, then Little Rock, AR, and back.  I've been divorced since 1989 and semi-retired since last November. 
Linda Williams
Hi there.  What work went into your website... Congratulations!!  This is fantastic for all RHS grads and friends.  I spend most of my time in Rockdale at our country home on South 908.  Still in the education business after 40+ years of teaching math and counseling at the high school level in Klein ISD.  While hubby, John, is still full-time VP in higher education, I am now retire/rehire part-time counselor with little ones. Grandsons (16 and 13) live in Georgetown, so I am nearby to attend football games twice each week in the fall and other activities.
It is great to keep up with 'old' friends.  Thanks for the tremendous effort put forth to bring us all a little closer.
Diane Weems Fishero    
Diane passed the info along to our class.  This is great - and a whole lot of work.
If it would help, my mom has my dad's 1927 yearbook.  And to 1927 you might want to add him, Lawrence Luther Keen.  If I'm correct, no one is living from that graduating class.  I think Barney Watson was the last one.  Glenna and I attended their 40th reunion with mother and daddy!!!!
And in the 1933 year, mother's name is there, but misspelled.  It's Della May Keen Noack.  I wish I could find a yearbook from that year.  You don't happen to have one, do you? Mother was in the senior play that year and I've wondered if they took pictures.  She was the understudy.  I have found her name in the Reporter articles.
Linda Keen Platt
Hi, thanks for the Rockdale site. I found a small link error. Under teacher\'s obits, the Fredonia Lanning and the Ernie Laurence links both bring up Fredonia Lanning. Couldn't find a link to Ernie Laurence.
Rob Peterson
Seeking information on Lillian Dyer Carver
My grandmother, Lillian Dyer (Maiden), went to Rockdale High School sometime between 1936 and 1940. Her brothers are listed in the 1935-36 year book as, I believe, Juniors. She was also listed but in a 7th grade class photo.
She gave me her year book a couple of years before she passed away. She cherished it and asked me to hold on to it. I did for many years until it disappeared through a separation of marriage. Ive been heart broken ever since as it was the only thing I had of hers.
Ive been searching and searching the internet for that year book and was pleased to at least find the year book of 1935-36 on your website. It puts me closer to her. So I wish to thank you for all that you have done. Thank you.
I still hope to one day find that year book and plead to you for a post of my email on your site. It is my hope that one of your members, who may have the year book(s) she is in, will read this and send or scan it in for submission to your site. I also hope, that any family members who may still be in Rockdale, will email me as I would like to put together a genealogy of the family.
My grandmothers full name is Lillian E. Dyer. Her married name is Carver.  The only brothers I know of are Quebe and Loyd Dyer, although I believe the  total children was about 11. Her father was William Allen Dyer but don't recall  what her mother's name was. She told me that she never graduated from Rockdale  and had to quit school in the 11th grade. She was in the 7th during the 1935-36  school year. She married Robert Edward Carver, a serviceman from Georgia, and  both lived in Rockdale until the middle to late 1950's. Robert Edward Carver  either owned or operated a small service station in Rockdale. A small cinder  block building - possibly sat on a corner - that was still standing as of a few years ago. They had three children who went to Rockdale high as well. They  are Jimmy Carver, Robert Don Carver and Bobbie Jean Carver. All three children  finished high school in Seminole County, Florida. Bobbie Jean Carver is my  mother.

That's about all I know.

Melanie Petty
P.O. Box 248
Whiteville, Tennessee 38075
Reunion Committee
Dear Guys and Gals,
I am so sorry that I was not able to attend the Class of 65 reunion on Oct. 23, 24, 2009.
My wife has had major surgery (skin cancer on her scalp) and is slated for hip replacement surgery as soon as she is cleared.  I just completed cataract surgery on both eyes.
It would have been enjoyable to see all of you again.
I am now 80 years old and it is easy to forget but I remember Jerry Caywood, Dale Henry, Coty Brown, Tommy Clark, Gus Goodman, Lewis Head, Johnny Hirt (my neighbor), Nancy Mehaffey, Copie Perry, Bobby Remaley, Fred Woodward, Doug Young.  If I left out any friends I am sorry but it has been a long time and several thousand students since.
Best of luck and again, I am sorry that I missed you. Please invite me again next time.
Burk D. (Mac) McGreevy
Couldn't sleep.  Decided to play on computer until I got sleepy.  Put in my husband's name on Google.  Got your website. What a wonderful website.  Whoever you (yall) are, you've done a great job. Can't wait to show Jim when he wakes up!
Beth Curik
I accidentally came upon this website while helping a friend of the class of '61 locate classmates for their upcoming reunion next year.  This is great.  We need all the same information for our class of 1962. Any volunteers? Keep up the great work.
Barbara Jones Manbeck
I am looking for information/stats/stories on the 1976 Rockdale state championship football team. I believe the starting QB on that team was Scott Sparks and his son is the starting QB for the Calallen Wildcats this year.  Thanks!
Stephen Floyd
(please contact Stephen if you have any info - thanks - JC)

I was a classmate through the 5th grade.  Would have been in the Class of 65. Could you please send  any news of meetings for this class.  I still remember so many and  would love to say hi.
Gayle Pruitt (Candy Gayle Blackburn)

I found a 1965 Rockdale High School ring  "Tigers" with the initials R S
Will be happy to return to original owner.
M. J. Miller
(if anyone has knowledge of location of Roger Stracener please advise.  I believe he is the only "RS" in the
Class of 1965)
Posting deleted upon request

My husband graduated in 1953. Could give me the address of the photographer that took the school pictures?  I have the Lair for 1953 but cannot find a picture of him in his cap and grown. I think I saw one at a 1953 reunion.
He spent 20 years in the Air Force not the Army.  There is a Barton Wade in the Army but he is our grandson.
Thank you,
Mary Wade   (Mrs. Barton Ernest Wade)

I graduated with the class of 1969.  My husband, Jack and I moved from Florida a year ago to be back home with family. We live in Taylor and love it. My sister Susan and brothers Harry Lee, and Charles are in the area, as well as my 92 year old mom, Josephine.  We just lost our brother Jerry to cancer in June.  I love your website. Keep up the great work!
Beth Guillote Brooks

I graduated in 1972 and have been looking for our Lair yearbook. If anyone has a '72 book they dont want, please contact me at 609 915 4036. I would willingly purchase it from you.
Susan Guillote Mulford
Email :

Excellent, and thanks! It was nice to find my mother, Virginia "Virgie" Rose Hale in here (Class of '36) as a Senior and to look at all the other pages and see some faces she'd mentioned at times. Again, thanks for putting this together!
Richard Hale Garrett