Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1964-1965 Lair
Yearbook of the Rockdale, TX RHS Class of 1965

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1965 Rockdale High School
1965 Rockdale High School
1965 Rockdale High School
Rockdale High School West Parking Lot
1965 Rockdale High School Patio
"Foreword:  The 1964–65 School year for the Rockdale Public School system has been most eventful and a highly successful one from the standpoint of group and individual accomplishment.
Most of the days throughout the year have been busy ones for both students and faculty and many competitive and entertaining events have taken place which will be long remembered.  High on the list of 'memorable occasions' are the football and basketball playoffs, the state track meet, the Christmas and Valentine dances, the Junior–Senior prom, graduation and especially senior week.
It is always a challenge to capture in pictures the spirit of these occasions as they take place.  It is the hope of the annual staff that this challenge has been met successfully.
Happy looking and may you find many memories ahead."
RHS front entrance
RHS west parking lot
The gym from the back
RHS from the football parking lot
Mr J. M. Moorman – Superintendent
Mr. Tom Underwood – Principal
The patio
J. M. Moorman and Tom Underwood
1965 RISD Board of Trustees
RISD School Board members: J. M. Moorman,
Mercer Cotton, Henry Tyler, Brice Crow, W. P. Hogan,
Dr. L. E. Selden, Johnny Ralston,  Glenn Hodges
1965 RISD Superintendent J. M. Moorman
"Dear Seniors,
A good recipe for education to carry with you from Rockdale High School is: one cup of thinking, 2 cups of dreams, four years of youth, 4 cups of persistence,  3 teaspoons of ability, 2 cups of cooperation, 1–4 cups of good books, lectures and devoted teachers, 1 cup of health, 1 cup of plans made and followed through and a heart filled with love for your fellow man.
Mix all of this together thoroughly.  Add a few years, sift persistence  and ability together thoroughly and add 100% cooperation to the mixture.
You, the graduates, of RHS can add to this recipe your love of God and all He stands for and the servings will last for life.
My love and best wishes go with each of you.
J. M. Moorman"
RHS Principal Thomas Underwood
RHS Principal
Tom Underwood
1965 RHS Science Lab - J. E. White and Bob Martin
Mr. J. E. White and Mr. Bob Martin
Rudy Flores
1965 RHS Teachers Mora Jane Baldwin, Joyce Bayless, Raymond Birchfield
1965 RHS Teachers Nonnie Blackburn and Curtis Bowles
1965 Teachers Maline Caraway, Edward Cook
1965 RHS Teachers Lohma Davis, Robert Downtain, Valma Fischer
1965 RHS Teachers Marjorie Gilbert, Bill Grusendorf, Margaret Lengert
1965 RHS Teachers Leroy Lorenz,Ruth Kirk, Ida Jo Marshall
1965 RHS Teachers Bob Martin and Mildred Petty
1965 RHS Teachers Sondra Reed and Melonie Simpson
1965 RHS Teachers Judy St John, Albert Timmerman, Ascenia Underwood
1965 RHS Custodians
1965 RHS Teachers J.E. White and Don Whitmore
1965 RHS Cafeteria workers
1965 RISD Tax Office
1965 RHS Principal's Office staff
RISD Superintendent
J. M. Moorman
Mora Jane Baldwin
B.S., Bethany Nazarene College

Mildred Joyce Bayless
M.ED., East Texas State

Raymond Birchfield
M.Ed., East Texas State
Nonnie Blackburn
B.S., Southwest State Teachers College
Curtis Bowles
Texas Wesleyan College
Maline Caraway
M.Ed., North Texas, T.S.U.
Edward Cook
B.A. Marshall College
Lohma Davis
B.S., Southwest Texas State

Robert L. Downtain
B.A., University of Texas

Valma Fischer
M.Ed., University of Texas
Marjorie Gilbert
B.S., University of Texas

William C. Grusendorf
B.M.E., T.C.U.

Margaret Lengert
M.A., University of Texas
Leroy Lorenz
B.S., Southwest Texas State

Ruth Kirk
B.A., University of Texas

Ida Jo Marshall
M.ED., University of Texas
Bob Martin
B.S., Chadron S.T.C.
Mildred Petty
M.Ed., S.W.T.T.C.
Sondra Reed
B.B.A., Stephen F. Austin
Melonie Simpson
B.S., Sam Houston State
Judy St. John
B.S., T.W.U.

Albert Timmerman
M.Ed., A&M

Ascenia Underwood
B.A., Baylor
J. E. White
M.A., Sam Houston

Don Whitmore
M.A.T.S., Univ. of New Mexico
"Mrs White and her capable assistants keep the RHS principals office operating efficiently"
Jody Moreland, Marilyn Bower, Rose Millet,
Mrs White, Johnny Morton, Lester Quinney, Sandra Kay McFarland
1965 RHS Superintendent's Office - Mrs Butts and Mrs Joiner
1965 Rockdale Elementary Secretary Mrs Scurlock
"Mrs. Butts and Mrs. Joiner keep things running smoothly in Supt. Moorman's office"
"Mrs Scurlock is always busy as secretary of Rockdale Elementary"
"Excellent lunches are served each day to the RHS Cafeteria as a result of the good cooking of Mrs Ella Ottmer and
Mrs Doris Gebhart"
Mrs Ottmer, Mary Hulse,
Robert Jones, William Stork,
Mrs Gebhart
"Students and Teachers appreciate the fine work these gentlemen do in keeping RHS a clean and attractive school, 
Left to right are Mr. McLeod,
Mr. Dyer, Mr. Reed and
Mr. Harbuz"
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"Administration of the school tax office is the responsibility of Mrs. Walker and Mr. Johnson"