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Thursday, May 10, 1934

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Dinner Is Served by Home Economics Girls
Affair is Given at School for Mothers and Friends of the Students Tuesday Evening

On Tuesday evening at 7:30 the girls of the second year home economics class served a dinner at the Rockdale High School for their mothers and friends.

The table was attractively decorated with bowls of pink roses, pink mint cups, and pink candles.

During the meal the guests were entertained with a story of the "Celler Tragedy" by Jo Murphree, music by the Kitchen Cabinet Band, and a reading by Virginia Hale.

Evelyn Gunn was a most charming hostess for the occasion.

The guests at the dinner were Mrs Ed Gunn, Mrs Walter Smith, Mrs A. C. Franklin, Mrs H. G. Murphree, Mrs J. T. Hale, Mrs. C. U. Cates, Miss Mable Lend Graves, Mrs Annette Bradfield, Mrs Vernon Dymke, Mrs Nettie Young, Mrs W. C. Marrs, Mrs Norman Bounds, Miss Irma Menn and Miss Bettie Lu Garrett.

The Members of the class present were Nadine Bounds, Dorothy Williams, Carrie Louise Franklin, Margaret Currey, Flora Mae Dymke, Jane Gunn, Evelyn Gunn, Gertrude Crump, Hazel Young, Virginia Hale, Jo Murphree, Lu Ella Smith, Ruby Menn, and Margie Nell Williams.
Representatives are Elected by Seniors
Ruth Montague, Mary Louise Mackie, Louise White, Herbert Caywood, Ella Feances Wolf, Yvonne Palmer

Class respresentatives were elected by the senior of the Rockdale high school at a class meeting last Friday, May 5.

The representatives elected by the seniors are Mary Louise Mackie, class prophet; Ruth Montague, class historian Louise White, class poet; Herbert Caywood, class pessimist; Ella Frances Wolf, statistician; and Yvonne Palmer, executor of the class will.

All of these representatives except the class historian, will publish their works in the last issue of Tiger Tales, according Mr Bert D. Burnes, senior sponsor.

Junior-Senior Banquet Will Be Held Tonight

The banquet given annually to the senior class by the junior class is to be held tonight (Thursday) at the city hall, at 7:30 o'clock.

The speaker of the evening will be Mr. John E. Cooke.

After the banquet there will be dancing, which will be from nine to twelve.  Music will be furnished by the Six Aces.

Approximately eight-five people will attend this affair, according to Miss Mabel Lene Graves, junior sponsor.

Besides the members of the two classes and their sponsors, the list of guests will include the Rockdale high faculty and several other invited guests.

Dorothy Matson and Doris Simms Named '34 Graduates
Herbert Caywood, who is the highest Senior boy, makes average of 91.7

Dorothy Matson, with an average of 97.3, was determined valedictiroan of the senior class of 1937 in the Rockdale high school.

Doris Simms, who made an average of 96.6 for the entire school term, is salutatorian.

The highest average among the boys of the class was made by Herbert Caywood, who made an average of 91.7

The differences between the averages of the two highest girls was 7/10 of a point, but there was a wider margin in the boys' grades.

Dorothy Gohmert, of Cameron, spent Wednesday night with Virginia Hale

Miss Dorothea Phillips in Cuero last week end.

Bernadine Garcia spent the week end with friends in Austin.
Tiger Tattler

Stop, Thief--
"Take this pad back where yo stole it, you scum," was the emphatic language that greeted a staff member when she was innocently reaching for a sheet of heading paper to nibble on last week.  But someone (?) evidently thought this bit of warning was necessary, as the pad has been seen traveling about from hand to hand through the school.
Auld Lang Syne--
At the close of school each year, sentimental seniors bring forth their memory books to be autographed by their teachers and fellow classmates.  And this year is no exception in the Rockdale high school.  Have you seen that big book of Ina Mae's and the one Doris has with so many amusing pictures in it?

But the real laughs are in Bernadine's book, where several Spanish students, with a very experienced air, wrote in the real "Espanol".
What!  No Fish on Friday?--
Is there an epidemic of spring fever among our fish?  At least, indications point that way, for we didn't hear them practicing last week for the usual chapel program.  Something seemed lacking Friday without their chatter on the stage.  'Smatter with our fish?
"Request the Pleasure"--
We hear that, contrary to earlier report, the sophomores are finding it possible to postpone previous engagements, and lend the glitter of their presence to the dance following the junior-senior banquet.
This will, no doubt, be a great relief to the juniors, who seemed for a while to fear that some of the sophs might not be able to get off on that night.
Well, a merry time is a merry time, and as 'It" seems, will be had by ALL.
Junior Tennis Club has Lawn Party Wed., May2--
The Junior Tennis Club, sponsored by Miss Ruth C. Kirk, was entertained with a lawn party Wednesday night, May 2, at the home of Virginia Lee Baxter.  Thirty-five members were present.  The usual children's lawn games were played.  Refreshments of candy, cookies, soda water and suckers were served.
Tiger Tale Tidbits

Boyd: Er, er - Doris, there something been trembling on my lips for the last two months.
Doris: So I see.  Why don't you shave it off?

Mr Miles: Name a poisonous substance.
Alvin: Aviation.
Mr Miles: Explain yourself.
Alvin: One drop will kill.

Graham: What is so lucky as being a sailor with a sweetheart in every port?
Mary Louise: Being the sweetheart, with a sailor on every ship!

Dorothy: Jack wants me to give him something to remember me by.
Hazel: Give him your bathing suit to use as a bookmark.
Sixth Grade Pupil Suffers Eye Injury Saturday, May 5
Louis Lawson Bradley, a sixth grade pupil, received a severe injury to one of his eyes Saturday afternoon, May 5, at his home.  He was taken to a Temple hospital and although at first it was feared that the eyesight would be lost, it has been reported that the accident was not so serious.
Miss Fitt: Advice

Q. Dear Miss Fitt: Would you settle an argument for us?  We have been discussing were the best place is to hold the world's fair.  Please give us your opinion.  We Wonder
A. Dear We Wonder: The best place to hold the world's fair is around the waist.  Miss Fitt

Q. Dear Miss Fitt: Tomorrow is my sweetheart's birthday, and I don't know what to give him.  He doesn't smoke, or drink, or play cards.  Please advise me.  Idea-less
A. Dear Idea-less:  Give him poison - he's too good to live.  Miss Fitt

Q. Dear Old Fittsy:  Well, I've got to hand it to you.  You certainly did our history class a lot of good by talking so loud out on the campus that Mr Dennis couldn't conduct the class.  I know it was you because the person talking wasn't saying anything.  Gratefully yours, Honor Student
A: Dear Mr. (or Miss) Honor Student:  I wish to inform you that I was out of town at the time you mention so you are evidently mistaken.  Besides, I wasn't talking loud.  Yours in a whisper, Miss (Not Fittsy) Fitt
Senior Class receives Cards and Invitations
The members of the senior class have received their invitations and personal cards for the graduating exercises.

A total of 1650 invitations were received by the class from the Century Engraving and Embossing Company, of Chicago, Monday, May 5.  The invitations arrived several days before the necessary funds were collected to distribute them to the class.

The personal cards were received on Friday, May 4, from the Switzer Printing Company, Webb City, MO.
Bill Ferguson was a visitor in Brenham over the week end.
Birthday Biographies
Bonnie Mae Cunningham, senior, Birthday May 12.

"Count that day lost whose low descending sun views from they hand no worthy action done."

Although Bonnie Mae claims she has no use for studying or work of any kind, we think perhaps she is kidding us, for rumor has it that she is really a good book-keeping student.

Despite the fact that Bonnie Mae is most secretive about her private affairs, we think that she especially enjoys movies, and strange as it seems,, her pet dislikes are sports, spinach, and Spanish.
Alex McLeod, senior class president, was selected by his classmates Friday, May 4, to receive the $60 scholarship offered by Draughon's Business College.

The scholarship was offerd by the college to the person elected by the class to receive it, instead of awarding it to one of the honor students of the class, as is customary.

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