Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
Nonnie Renfro
Nonnie Renfro
                                                                In Memory of Nonnie Renfro

In the evening of life, when sunset drifts slowly into the peaceful after-glow, night is gentle and even kind.  For there comes in the gloaming years the discovery that the beloved who have gone on before are more in numbers than those who remain behind.

Thus it was that the spirit of Mrs Nonnie Renfroe slipped quietly over the border into Yonderland, confident and unafraid.

Mrs Renfroe was a womanly woman, but hers were stout loyalty, deep affection, and unabated courage.  Again and again she met sorrow and tragedy and accepted them with unimpaired faith in the providence of God.  In that unshakable faith, bereavement softened her sympathy, enlarged her understanding and set her face toward the last eager adventure which claims her now.

The administrators and teachers of Rockdale Public Schools have lost a loyal teacher and a wise counselor.  The many boys and girls of the school have lost a consecrated teacher, a teacher amazingly considerate and amazingly aware to stresses  and problems surmounted  and achievements attained - often because of her tactful interest and suggestion.

Thus is severed a lovely link with the history of the Rockdale Public Schools.  Behind are left abiding memories which grow the fonder now, high traditions of dedication and fidelity come down from the labors of great and kindly spirits and the gracious consolation of the thought that a devoted teacher has walked in our midst.
                                                                                    Ida Jo Marshall