Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
2766 Harney #277
Ft Sam Houston, TX 78234
Sandra Kay McFarland
Sandra Kay McFarland Cone
Don't be sorry about calling me Kay. To tell the truth, I like Kay better for what it means in my language.  But the gov. calls me Sandra or by my native name, so I have had to get use to it.
I was married for amost 30 years when my husband passed over.  I married Dan Beckworth and this Christmas will be 5 yrs. – in a traditional Native American ceremony.
I have one son Robert and one Daughter Sarah, (in English 'Night Owl' and 'Winter Wild Rose') and they live up to their names.
Robert was hit by a drunk driver several years ago and called off his engagment due to his injuries.  Sarah is married to an Air Forces person.  I keep them stationed near me. No grandchildren yet.
I will try to send you something on me for the site in a few days.
Sandra Kay Cone Beckworth
Spouse: Dan Beckworth
Email received from Kay:
Jerry, hi.
Hope you and yours are well.

Sorry it took me so long, I have had to get a lot out of the way. 

Well for what it is worth here for the web.

Sandra Kay McFarland married Robert L. Cone and moved from Rockdale for a number of years.  Came back to Rockdale with my son Robert, my daughter Sarah stayed on the rez.(reservation) to be raised there. When my husband passed over, I took an Austin address and returned to the rez. My son arranged my marriage to Daniel L. Beckworth in a traditional Comanche Wedding Ceremony almost 5 years ago.

My real name is Agaliha Noquisa, and was given to me in a traditional Native American ceremony when I was eleven months old by my Great Grandmother. Sandra Kay is only my non-Indian name which some of us are allowed to have.
I have a very successful career and own several business in various states.  I am an international design artist.  My jewelry, paintings, architect, and electronics can be found around the world, mostly done in the American Indian traditions.
I am a warrior in the Nations and have been given the honor to dance in the Gourd Dance (Warrior Dance) due to my military service.  I have received many medals including the Purple Heart and the Bear Claw presented by the Comanche Nation, the highest warriors award.
Due to my third Great Grand Father, I sign treaties for the Nations, with other tribal leaders.
Enclosed is the official photo take just after the signing of the 150 year old treaty in my regalia, which is a Comanche ribbon dress. I am wearing a warrior's breast plate made of Buffalo bone, made and presented by the women of the Cherokee Nation on my return from Nam.  The choker is a warrior choker instead of the traditional four to five strain, also made of Buffalo bone, made and presented on return by my family. The hair dies is made of brain tanned Buffalo skin made and presented on Great Grandmother at my naming. The fan is my traditional dance fan which I made and rhe feather was presented by various warriors. The dance purse is brained tanned Buffalo and make by Comanches.  Jewelry is made and presented by several Nations including the Navajo and Zuni. The traditional dance shawl was made and presented on the signing of one of the treaties.
The photo outdoors was take on the rez.
In short while I still am the Kay you knew, I am no longer the quite shy Kay you once knew.
email received from Kay 2008–08–26
Agaliha Noquisa - Sandra Kay McFarland Beckworth
Agaliha Noquisa - Sandra Kay McFarland Beckworth
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