Rockdale,TX Class of 1965

Tommie Joe Clark and H.K. Petie Clark Memorial Scholarship

At our 40th Reunion, it was decided that we would, along with the Class of 1964, sponsor a scholarship to be given in memory of Tommie Joe "Saba" Clark (Class of 1965) and H. K. Petie Clark (Class of 1964).    This scholarship is a cash gift to be presented to a graduating RHS Senior who is entering the military upon graduation.  This criteria was chosen only because it is in memory of two friends who gave their lives in the military.   The families of both Saba and Petie were very appreciative of our gesture.

The first recipient of this award in 2005 was Ray Powell. (see Picture below)
The award was $600 with $300 each from the '64 and '65 classes.

In 2006 several of us talked about continuing the award but we did not get it going in time to participate in the RHS Awards Ceremony.

In 2007, we again discussed the scholarship and decided that that we wanted to make this an ongoing  award.  The Class of 1964 decided not to participate  so we thought that our class should be able to raise $500 each year through donations.  And we decided to name the Award as above.  The RISD has been very helpful and appreciative of our efforts.  Most of us do not know these kids graduating so the Counselors at RISD have been instrumental in choosing the recipient. 

The winner in 2007 was Wesley Jeremiah Brizendine.  He was selected about 2 months before we announced the winner, and a week before the Awards Ceremony, his mother passed away.  The Counselor told us that he had been really depressed and this award seemed to lighten his spirit just a bit.  

We plan to continue with this, but it will take a concerted effort to do so.  Please consider making a donation to this Scholarship Fund.  Checks should be made payable to The RHS Class of 1965 and mailed to Jerry Caywood, 215 Piney Ridge Drive, Bastrop, TX 78602.  Please mark Scholarship on your check.
                                                                    Thank you!
2005 Clark Memorial Scholarship winner: Ray Powell with Don Cumbie and Wenda Dyer
Don Cumbie (1964) and Wenda Dyer (1965) present the 2005 cash Scholarship to Ray Powell at the RHS Awards Ceremony.
2008 Scholarship winner Wesley Brizendine with Dale Henry and Wenda Dyer
Dale Henry  and Wenda Dyer present the 2007 cash Scholarship to
Wesley Brizendine at the RHS Awards Ceremony.
Yes, we know this is not a very good picture.  But it's the only one we have.
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Tommie Joe Clark
H. K. Petie Clark
by Mike Brown, Reporter Editor

It was a memorable Awards Night in more ways than one as Rockdale High School Seniors picked up an estimated $706,182 in scholarships Thursday in the RHS auditorium.

That total is believed to be an all-time record, eclipsing the $582,560 awarded last year.

And a new award put entering the adult world in sharp perspective. The RHS graduation classes of 1964 and 1965, represented by Don Cumbie ('64) and Wenda Jo Dyer ('65) presented a $600 Clark Memorial Award to senior Ray Powell.

The award is named for their classmates, Howe K. "Petie" Clark Jr (Class of '64) and Tommie Joe Clark (Class of '65) both of whom were killed in the Vietnam War.

The Clarks were not related. Members of both Clark families were in the audience Thursday and were recognized by Dyer and Cumbie. The award will be presented annually to an RHS senior who is headed for the military. Powell has enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard Reserves..."
Tommie Joe Clark and H. K. Petie Clark Memorial Scholarship Winner Austin King and 1965 Class member Wenda Dyer
2008 Scholarship winner Austin King and Wenda Dyer
The 2008 Tommie Joe Clark and H. K. Petie Clark
cash scholarship was awarded to Austin King at the
RHS Awards Ceremony held at the RHS Auditorium
on May 22, 2008.
He is the son of Irven and Vicki King and is the
oldest of four boys.  He works part-time for a local moving  company.  He is a four year senior at RHS. 
He also attended grades 6-8 at Rockdale Junior
High School.

Austin is a member of PALS (Rockdale High School
Peer Assistance Leadership program), and is an
active member of St. John's United Methodist

Austin stated that the reason he made the decision
to enter the military was the inspiration he received from his grandfather's stories of when he was in the military.  Austin has joined the United States Army. 
He stated "my MOS in the military is 21-Bravo,
Combat Engineer".
2005 Recipient Ray Powell
2007 Recipient Wesley Brizendine
Photo courtesy of Ken Cooke, Rockdale Reporter
2008 Recipient
Austin King
The 2009 Tommie Joe Clark and H. K. Petie Clark cash scholarship was awarded to Matthew Smith.
Matthew is a 2009 graduate of Rockdale High School, and is the son of Cecelia Smith of Rockdale.   He  has enlisted in the Navy,  and his goal is to gain his education in the Navy and to become a Navy SEAL.

Matthew was active in RHS and participated in Football, Power Lifting and UIL.  He was a member of the Current Issues and Events Team winning the district title.  He is also an assistant soccer coach for Community Education.

Matthew states that he is a young man of 'determination and discipline'.  He wants to do his part to protect the United States from all threats that oppose our country.   Matthew further states that with discipline and determination he will accomplish his goal.
VietNam Veterans Memorial
Virtual Wall

Tommie Joe

H.K. Petie Clark
There were no applicants for the Tommie Joe Clark and H. K. Petie Clark scholarship in 2010.

Cedric Smith - 2011 recipient of Petie Clark and Tommie Joe Clark Memorial Award

2011 Winner Cedric Smith received the $1000 Petie and Tommie Joe Clark Memorial Scholarship, named for two RHS grads killed in the Vietnam War. Presenters are Wenda Jo Dyer and Dr. John Pruett, both RHS Class of 1965.
Wenda Jo Dyer and John Pruett present award to 2011 recipient Cedric Smith
Petie Clark and Tommie Joe Clark Scholarship plaque presentation
                                                                For Petie and Tommie

Members of the Rockdale High School classes of 1964 & 1965 unveiled plaques in honor of their fallen classmates Tommie Joe Clark and Howe King 'Petie' Clark on Friday in the RHS rotunda.  A large group of classmates, family members, and current RHS students was at the event.  Pictured are (front row, L-R)
Jerry Caywood, Susan Clark Tuttle, Wenda Jo Dyer, Jack Clark, Lavon Clark, RISD Superintendent Dr. Howell Wright,  Bobby Yoakum.  (back row) Dale Henry, John Richard Clark, Ken Clark, Nancy Clark,
Clift Clark, Cedric Smith (winner of 2011 Petie Clark and Tommie Joe Clark Memorial Scholarship),
RHS Principal Joey Geletka.

Rockdale Reporter - June 2, 2011
photo by Marie Bakken/Reporter
H. K. Petie Clark memorial plaque
Tommie Joe Clark memorial plaque
Petie Clark and Tommie Joe Clark award recipients
"This award honors two friends and fellow classmates of Rockdale High School who made the supreme sacrifice in the defense of our freedom and our country.

Petie Clark - Class of 1964 and
Tommie Joe Clark - Class of 1965.

The RHS graduating classes of 1964 and 1965 have chosen to honor these classmates with an annual Memorial award in their names to be presented to a  deserving member of the current year's senior class who has chosen to enlist in a branch of the
United States Armed Forces.
Wenda Dyer and Dale Henry present 2012 Award to
Austin Gay
Wenda Dyer and Dale Henry present the 2012 Clark Award to Austin Gay
Photo by Rockdale Reporter
Austin Gay picked up the $500 Petie Clark and Tommie Joe Clark Memorial Scholarship from the RHS Class of 1965, presented by Wenda Jo Dyer and Dale Henry.

The scholarship is presented annually in memory of the Clarks, who were not related despite their last names, who died in combat in the Vietnam War. The Clarks are also commemorated in a plaque on permanent display in the RHS rotunda.
Rockdale Reporter - 2012-05-31
2013 Scholarship presented 2013-05-23 - details/photos  to follow