Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
1500 Austin Street
Coleman, TX 76834
Jenny Sue Susie Kamman
Susie Kamman Stanislaw
Spouse: John D. Stanislaw
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Susie's story:
I did not graduate from Rockdale High School as I married John Stanislaw and quit my Junior year. Did go back and get my GED and Graduated from LVN School after we moved to Brownwood, Texas where John Graduated from Howard Payne Univ. He surrendered to be a Minister after working at Alcoa for 8 years. We have two Daughters and two Grandsons. We live in Coleman, Texas where he is Pastor of First Baptist Church. Web site is would love for you to drop by and see the change in him as well. A little apprenhensive about putting my picture on yet. I work in the Coleman County Hospital. Have had many hats since we left Rockdale. Would love to hear from anyone.

I know you would be surprised to know as shy as I was that I am now a Pastors' wife.
The wildest thing I ever did in School was fall for John Stanislaw.
My first crush was in Jr High where I truly thought I had met the love of my life and was totally crushed when he did not want to have me for a girlfriend any more.
  I suppose most friends will not remember me, I was one of the shyest people on earth at that time being overweight held me back a lot.
  I am truly happy in my life serving the Lord as He chose many years back for me to do. Never would have dreamed He would have me being a Pastors' Wife when I was growing up.
My biggest surprise has been living longer than my parents did. They died at early ages.
One do-over would have been to teach my children to pray more.
My weirdest job was working for Dell Computer for a year. Me a 50yr old woman working with all those young'ns.

Susie (Kamman) Stanislaw
Susie Kamman & John Stanislaw - Prom 1962
John & Susie Stanislaw - Wedding
Prom  1962
Missy Stanislaw
Daughter Missy
born 1969
Tammy Stanislaw
Daughter Tammy
born 11/1964
John & Susie Stanislaw - ca. 1969
ca. 1969
John & Susie Stanislaw - ca. 1974
ca. 1974
John & Susie Stanislaw - Florence, TX
Florence, TX
Edith MeMaw Stanislaw with Susie & John
Edith MeMaw Stanislaw with Susie & John
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