Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
2020 Hwy 770
P.O. Box 97
Kountze, TX 77625
cell: 409-782-7476
Leonard Thomas Tommy Grubbs
After leaving Rockdale in 1967. Uncle Sam and I had a long talk and he said he couldn't live without me. So I took him on for a couple of years and seen all I want'd to see of Viet Nam,  I was in the 101st Airborne assault helicopter company doing the flying over the country side delivering Ice Cream to our troops, it was something you never forget while a sleep are walking down the good old roads and sidewalks of the good old U S ofA.

After returning home a couple of days of Rockdale I was off to see some of Texas and end'd up in Silsbee, Texas, where I Got Married the first time and had SEX three times and Trent, Brady & Lesly came to life. Two of those are married and working together in the family nation wide business. With One grandboy (Gavin aka Grape) 2 yrs of age, from Lesly and her husband Steve and my son Brady and his wife Rachel are expecting their first child in July of 2008. They all Live with'in 15 minutes from me.  My oldest and third child Trent is a mother and Dad nightmare, his parents and others parents too!

Then I left Silsbee and moved to Kountze (next town over), had to find another home for my second wife, because my first one end'd up with the first and the savings too, but I got my place of business, also my guns and work clothes to move into my second home with and soon moved my second wife in.  Got Married for the 2nd time after 5 years of going together and living together some off an on.  It was like having a 4th child, got rid of her after 9 months and the 4th, it cost more than the other three for up?keep.

After that, I was 49 yrs of age and I retired and enjoy'd life ever since, playing golf, stayin' out late at night w/out my clothes in the front yard when I come home, also, my dog always meets me running down the driveway with a smile and jumping up and down and really glad to see me show up, and with a good welcome home type altitude.

If  the 3rd comes along I might go for it. At this time I'm saying this.  Who Knows!  I need a good golf cart driver and someone to keep my soda-pop good and cool while playing golf. You Know! Someone to take care of me this time besides this one way streak, all about them.

But being truthful and leaving all the bull on the side for a second or two! I really had a good life and a good business life and have a lot of good friends in my life, I could not ask for more in my world of being
here on earth, I enjoy and enjoy'd every day, some part of every one of them. I don't have too many days of down in the dumps,  I just don't let it happen. If any of my classmates ever come to Kountze, Tx. be sure to give me a call and maybe we can go get something to eat and might even play a game of golf, if you have time to.

My Address and Phone # are:
Tom Grubbs
P.O. Box 97
Kountze, Texas 77625
409-246-4755 home
409-782-7476 cell
Leonard Thomas Tommy Grubbs
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Gavin AKA Grape and father Steve show off their catch!
My grandson (Gavin AKA Grape) and his Dad (Steve) get caught fishing in grandpaw Tom's pond and Mama, Lesly, my daughter, takes the Kodak moment for future bullshit fishing stories of men's bragging rights.   
The BIG catch!