Rockdale,TX Class of 1965
Lairs from Previous Years Wanted!
1949 Lair
Connie Towery Schielack
Contact: 512-446-2922

1953 Lair
Connie Towery Schielack
Contact: 512-446-2922

1957 Lair
Connie Towery Schielack
Contact: 512-446-2922

1969 Lair:
Lynda Freeman
Doug Hirt

Reprints of the 1971 & 1972 Lairs may be ordered
from - FYI; They are expensive

1971 Lair:
Lynda Freeman

1972 Lair:
Susan Guillote Mulford
Lynda Freeman
Donna Lawson Valdez
John Hogan

1999 Lair
Daveta Donnelly

The Lair is the annual yearbook of Rockdale ISD  (many people simply refer to it as the "Annual").
But it covers students and events from the entire school - not just the Senior Class. 
It is a treasure of memories for students!

Few people have a complete set of Lairs - from the 1st grade thru the 12th grade for the years they
attended RISD.  And for various reasons many people find themselves in possession of a Lair with no
interest in it.  We would like this page to perhaps link interested people with available Yearbooks.
Sometime back this site was contacted by a Librarian from a small town in Texas asking about a Lair
which they had received as a donation for a book sale.  We were able to obtain the Lair and found a welcomed home for it.   

If you would like to obtain a previous year's Lair, please contact us with the information.  Or if you have Lairs you would like to sell, please contact us and we will list them also. is offering this as a public service - no charges or fees are charged for listing, buying, or selling Lairs.

The following is a list of people wanting to obtain previous years' Lairs.  Please contact them directly.

Want to sell your old Lairs?  There are people wanting to buy them.

If no one above is seeking the years you have, please contact us and we'll list them as being available for sale. 
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