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Wenda Jo Dyer
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Wenda Jo Dyer
Lots of Emotion
Rockdale Reporter, May 29, 2008, page 2B

It was in the air last week as Wenda Dyer (foreground) was honored with a retirement reception at Rockdale Junior High School. 
Dyer is retiring after a 39-year career in education, the last seven at RJH.  She previously taught for 32 years at Pillow Elementary in Austin.  The flowers she's looking at were a gift from Pillow.  Many friends and family members were on hand including Dyer's sister, Sharon Shoemake, and nephew, 15-month old Braden Pickel.
Wenda Dyer at Retirement Reception with Sharon Shoemake and Braden Pickel
Photo courtesy of Rockdale Reporter
Local hero
Our Local Hero this week is Wenda Jo Dyer.
Wenda has just recently retired after 39 years of teaching, 32 of those years in Austin and the last seven in Rockdale.
Wenda is a Rockdale native and moved back to Rockdale about nine years ago. She is very involved in Rockdale being Homecoming President and a member of the St. John’s Methodist Church.
She was a great teacher and I know that first hand because two of my children were her students.  Now that she has retired I know she will be busy with other things around Rockdale and we are so glad she chose to come home. We appreciate all that she does.
We also appreciate Love’s Flowers & Gifts, El Torito Mexican Restaurant, Tisket A Tasket and Rogers’ Cleaners for the gifts they provide our Local Hero each week.
If you would like to nominate a local hero, those who work self-lessly for our community, call the Chamber of Commerce at 446- 2030. This honor will be given to people who work hard to make our community better.
-Denice Doss, Chamber President

Daughters honor late teacher, mother’s love for trees
Rockdale Reporter, May 13, 2010

Have you ever wondered where all the live oak trees planted at the Rockdale Elementary School and RISD Administration Office came from?
They were planted each year by Rockdale school children under the care of the late Georgie Dyer, who was a Rockdale teacher from 1953-1985.  Dyer taught the importance of Arbor Day and the planting of trees to her elementary classes each year, her daughter Wenda Dyer said.
“She would have the students bring pennies, nickels and dimes, and when they had enough money, the class would purchase a tree and it would be planted.  In the summer, she would go to the school grounds to make sure the new trees had water.”
Many adults in Rockdale, who were in the late teacher’s classes remember bringing change to purchase trees.
Arbor Day was first established in 1872 in Nebraska by Julius Sterling Morton.  In 1970, President Richard Nixon declared Arbor Day to be observed the last Friday in April.  Morton knew the importance Arbor Day would have on later generations. “Other holidays repose the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future,” Morton said.
Having trees on the school grounds for the children to play under was very important to Mrs. Dyer, her daughter said.
With the opening of the new Rockdale Intermediate School, her daughters, Wenda Dyer, Sharon Shoemake and Judy Sivadon, wanted to carry on her tradition. They have planted a live oak tree on the front grounds of the new school in memory of their mother.
“There is no more powerful demonstration of strengthening the bond between generations than helping children plant and care for trees that their own children and grandchildren will enjoy,” Wenda Jo said.
Rockdale Reporter, page 2B, 2008-06-19
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Trees planted in memory of Mrs Georgia Dyer
Sharon Shoemake and Wenda Dyer pose in front of tree planted in memory of Mrs Georgia Dyer
From left, Kirby Shoemake, assistant principal Joann Connally, Kelly Shoemake Pickel, Georgie Dyer and Tracy Sivadon Goggans plant some of the first live oak trees in front of the RISD administration building in 1980.

At right, Sharon Shoemake (left) and Wenda Dyer pose in front of the new tree planted in honor of their mother at the Rockdale Intermediate School.